Enjoying the hot summer

From what I hear, it’s a hot summer most everywhere. I live way up north, and I mean WAY up north, so if we get a 60 degree day it’s a very rare occurrence. We did get a few weeks of no snowfall, so for us that’s a pretty hot summer too, but to me it felt amazing. I was still chopping wood and doing the other chores, but it is so much easier to do them in a tee-shirt, instead of a heavy parka in three feet of snow! I was soaking in the sun as much as possible, and opened up the whole house for some fresh air and natural ventilation. I don’t get a lot of natural ventilation during the snowy season, because it is simply too cold to open a single window. It may not sound like a big deal to you, because I’m just one guy, and how bad can the air quality be? One guy locked in a tiny cabin for months on end with no natural ventilation of fresh air can get more rank than any professional sports locker room! I have no electricity so there is no air filter or purifier here, I have my wood burning furnace to provide heating and cook my food and that is all. A blistering hot 60 degree day is such a rarity I took full advantage of it, getting ventilation in my cabin and airing out all my clothes and bedding, too. Four hours later the temp had dropped 40 degrees, so I was firing up the furnace and closing up the cabin once again.

furnace/heater tune-up