Clashing with roommate over thermostat

I do not like my new roommate at all.

We got matched together through one of those services, because we both needed a room to rent quickly, and couldn’t afford one on our own.

His name is Dave, and he plays acoustic guitar very poorly, but thinks he’s improving. Just between you and me, Dave is not improving, he is bloody awful at it, but I admit I may be prejudiced since I have to listen to it for 4 hours a day. Dave is a big, smelly guy, and it isn’t that he doesn;t shower regularly, he is just naturally smelly. Another thing, he cranks the thermostat down way too low whenever I am not home. That is something I have noticed about a lot of overweight people, that they need to turn the thermostat much lower to stay comfortable. This is fine, I am not judging or fat-shaming in any way, I’m just saying that having too much air conditioning in my own home sucks and I am over it! We decided the best option would be to upgrade the HVAC system to give us zone control air conditioning. That way we can keep our own bedrooms whatever temperature we want, and then agree on a middle ground thermostat setting for the common rooms. That is going to take a couple of months to save up for, though, because HVAC upgrades are not cheap! Once we get the thermostat issue settled things will be a lot better, other than his terrible guitar playing. Let’s hope for the best.

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