A rescue lodge provides heating in the storm

I will be the first to admit that I have no survival skills.

If I didn’t know that already, this last weekend definitely proved it.

My girlfriend and I were going up the mountain for some skiing. We had no reception that high up, and had to rely on a map, which went as poorly as you might expect. We got lost, turned around, and ended up getting stuck in a snowbank. Thankfully the map had marked on it some rescue lodges, one of which was a quarter mile away. There we found bottled water, canned food, and a furnace to keep the cold at bay. Of course the only furnace I knew how to use was connected to a smart thermostat, and simply required the flick of a switch. This was a wood burning furnace, and although there was ample firewood, I had no idea how to build a fire! Our good fortune kept on coming, though, because the person who kept the cabin thought to idiot-proof it, and left a laminated card with instructions on how to use the wood burning furnace. The instructions even had pictures ,like IKEA for heating, to step me through it. We were able to get the furnace nice and hot, and maintain the fire through the night, thanks to those instructions. We made sure to leave a note of thanks the next morning, and said we would come back later with fresh supplies for the cabin and firewood for the furnace. Whoever it was really saved our lives that night, and we owe them big.