It was not cool when the HVAC broke down during the final exam

This was the final exam so that I would actually be able to graduate from junior high.

The test due was chemistry practical.

The practical session involved us mixing a bunch of chemicals to create a particular chemical compound. To get the desired chemical compound, the group of us had to ensure the room was at a unique temperature. This could only be achieved by setting the temperature with the assistance of the programmable control unit. The school had not anticipated that the ductless mini split would quit working while in the test. The temperatures increased in the lab as the heating and cooling appliance ground to a halt. The test was postponed to later that day… A/C reps were contacted to perform the Heating and A/C repair plan, a step that had been neglected when preparing the lab for the test in the first place. They substituted the heat exchanger of the commercial air conditioning appliance from the local air conditioning business. The cooling expert also changed the quality a/c filter. The test was further delayed to the next day when they were unable to get a single quality Heating and A/C appliance needed for the smart Heating and A/C to function. The service workers would scout the cooling and heating companies in the whole region for the component. The other buildings at the school had a hybrid Heating and A/C appliance that was inspected but since the labs were rarely used except while in tests, there was a pretty good amount of neglect. The service professionals from the home comfort dealer worked through the night to get the lab set for the test. This provided us time to further prepare for the brand new paper. They had to give us a new paper since the group of us had already observed the questions on the initial one. I totally aced this test and I suppose it was because I got more time to prepare.

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