Selling stuff to pay for A/C repairs

Everything must go, you guys. I am not kidding, this isn’t a garage sale it’s a whole house sale where I am getting rid of everything I possibly can. My bills got way out of hand, and after this last week I have to make some changes. I am done collecting movies, and comics, and toys, and will start using my money more wisely. In the meantime, I need lots of cash, and I need it now, so come on by and see what appeals to you! My collectables, my movies, even most of my furniture, just so I can get enough money in my hand to pay the HVAC tech to come and fix my air. I thought that the problem with the cooling would just go away once the weather improved, but the weather never improved. This hot spell we have going seems to never end, and the air conditioning finally gave up the ghost a few days ago leaving me in a precarious spot. It has made me realize how poorly I manage my money, and how I prioritize things like my monthly comic book delivery over things like car insurance and HVAC maintenance. Only now, as I am sweating through my entire couch on the 6th day with no air conditioning, am I realizing the error of my ways. So please, anyone and everyone, share this blog post and let everyone know that everything must go, because I will need about five hundred bucks for the HVAC repairs and I don’t even have one hundred dollars.


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