Preferring temperature controlled events

Because of the commitments of our jobs, my husband and I can’t plan a summer vacation.

To make up for this, we plan lots of weekend excursions for our family. We take the kids to the zoo, aquarium, the beach, the fair, theme parks, carnivals and on picnics and hikes. We go kayaking, swimming and fishing. We see movies and play miniature golf. We try to make nearly every weekend some kind of fun activity. My favorite is the huge carnival that is held at the convention center. It isn’t because I particularly like the rides, games, crowds or unhealthy food. I like that the venue is temperature controlled with easily accessible bathrooms. Having three small children, those are important amenities. In our local area, the summer weather is extremely unpredictable. We’ve had seasons when it rained constantly. There are those years when it never gets warm enough to go outside without wearing a coat, and we run the furnace until sometime in late June. There are also the summers that are unbearably hot and humid. The temperature soars into the high nineties, the air feels heavy and sticky and air conditioning is a necessity. For any outdoor event, we need to pack sunblock, coats, hats and umbrellas. Being subjected to the weather can ruin the whole day. Little kids aren’t having fun when they’re shivering, overheated or getting rained on. When I buy the tickets for the convention center, I know I’m not wasting my money. No matter what type of weather we get, the inside of the venue will be maintained at the ideal temperature. We don’t need to pack extra warm clothes or slather on sun blocks. The heating and cooling system makes all the difference. Plus, there are bathrooms and spots to purchase food located all over the place.

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