New shades work with smart thermostat

We have always wanted to live out in nature. I don’t know if that’s because my wife and I were both born and raised in cities. Both of us had spent our whole lives in the city living in apartments. That comes with a lot of air conditioning and not a lot of fresh air. So when my wife and I had the opportunity to move to a rural area we made the change. Our house sits on over 25 acres of beautiful land. So when we moved into the house, we chose to do without any window treatments. We wanted to see all the nature from our windows. Our move also took us much further south. We no longer counted on a gas furnace or a giant boiler in the basement. Now the big HVAC deal was HVAC cooling. And we learned quick just how expensive HVAC cooling can be down here. What we didn’t realize about not having any window treatments was there was nothing to stop the direct sunlight from heating up the house. And man, did it ever. The house just lit up once we got to late spring. The heat pump was running nearly all the time just to meet the cooling demand. The smart thermostat was doing it’s best but was totally overmatched. So we got some solar shades. But we still wanted to have access to our views. These shaded go up and down as the smart thermostat needs them to depending on where the sun is shining. It works out because we can still have some windows not covered while the others are blocking the direct sun heating.