My neighbor is working on his own A/C

My neighbor Pat pays a lawn crew to come mow his grass every ten days or so.

  • I always laugh at him about it.

He doesn’t have a very big yard, and it’s not like he is old or infirm or anything, he just doesn’t want to do that chore. He is willing to pay over a hundred bucks a pop for something he could do in an hour or two. This makes absolutely no sense to me, and it seems to me he is just throwing his money away. On the other hand, when it comes to something like a tune-up for my central HVAC system, I will happily pay that money. When you pay people to do unskilled labor, it means you are lazy, but while being industrious and energetic is great for cutting the grass it doesn’t give you the skills to fix HVAC equipment. Anyone can do manual labor, but HVAC work is cerebral, and takes some degree of education and experience. Most people don’t think about it, but HVAC techs are educated men and women who went to school, passed a certification test, and probably apprenticed somewhere as well. So here is the capper to this anecdote, because while Pat doesn’t want to cut his own grass, he does try and fool around with his own HVAC system. He has got things completely backward, paying for unskilled labor and trying to suss out the skilled HVAC work all by himself. What a dope, I look forward to watching it work out poorly for him and his a/c.

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