How to beat the summer heat

I hate the summer.

  • I hear in other places the summers are very nice, but not around here.

I live five minutes from the beach, and during the summer it’s so hot and bright even the beach isn’t a relief. After a couple of hours you’ve run through eight layers of sun screen and you are still starting to burn, and it’s time to go home. How hot does it have to be where even the ocean is hot? I used to love summers as a kid, but now I don’t get the vacation, I just get the heat and humidity, and it sucks. Last year it was so intense I actually was using two air conditioners to keep myself from going crazy. Granted, the central A/C that I have in my apartment is pretty crappy, but there is no way I can afford to repair it, and my landlord surely will not. Instead of settling for a home that never got below 82 degrees, I bought a two hundred dollar cooling unit from Walmart for my bedroom. Have you seen these things? They are the size and shape of a space heater, only they cool down your room for you. Just like a space heater, they are only good for a very limited area, so I kept it in my bedroom with the door shut and the blinds drawn. Combined with the weak central air conditioning, the small unit did an excellent job to keeping that one room as crisp and cool as the produce section of a grocery store.


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