How I helped a HVAC company through digital marketing

Since a young age, I have always been a fan of web design and web building.

By the time I was a teenager, I was able to build my own websites, most of which were quite successful, it just came natural to me.

When I became an adult, I hopped from job to job, never quite satisfied with each one. Finally, I landed at an online marketing business, which specialized in link building. I wasn’t sure if I was qualified enough, since I have never applied for a marketing company, but thankfully, they were specifically looking for someone who can follow the latest trends and build a successful website, which I can do both. It wasn’t long before I was helping businesses expand and promote their services online. Although I have helped quite a few do this so far, there is one business that stands out to me. It was a HVAC corporation which was in desperate need of customers, or it was going to go out of business. I questioned how much the owner knew about digital marketing, and I was surprised at how little he knew. He was quite happy sticking with old timey ways of using newspapers to advertise, which wasn’t going to work for him. I had to explain to him different methods of bringing customers to his business, starting with website building. From there, we were able to work towards other subjects like pay per click and search engine optimization. A year later, the same owner came back and personally thanked me for my help. He told me since then, his business had tripled the amount of customers, and his business was now booming.

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