Creating fun heating and cooling ads

If there is something I’ve noticed, it is that most ads and commercials are horribly boring.

I feel myself groan as soon as one pops up on television, and I immediately reach for my remote to mute the commercial into oblivion.

Then I look over my social media for a few minutes while I wait for the ads to pass. As I was reading on my phone, I realized something. If I do this to all of the other business’s commercials, what makes mine any different? I own a HVAC corporation, and like most businesses, I also advertise. I then realized most people like myself, probably don’t pay attention to ads, even google ads. I then set out to make more fun and creative ads. What was the best way to get people’s attention? By offering a reward. I sought a digital marketing company and told them about my idea. The guy went over all of the other possible options of getting attention, but I already knew all of the major forms of online marketing. I already used pay per click, search engine optimization and SEM. I learned about all of those years ago when I first started my own website with the help of a link building person. Anyways, the only other way to efficiently advertise to people is through creative ads. My current ads weren’t getting much attention. This time, when I made a new commercial, I made sure to include an secret keyword somewhere in the background, and if people spotted it, they would get a special deal on my website. Hopefully this will help bring people’s attention away from their phone long enough to pay attention to my newest commercial.

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