A few things you need with a good home gym

One of the things I have fawned over in my day… is people who stay super fit all the time! It’s essentially because I struggle so much with getting enough exercise.

I appreciate exercising and keeping my body in motion, but I have trouble getting high intensity workouts that are absolutely needed to keep your body fit and toned.

I appreciate the slow, calming workouts, and it’s not especially easy for me to get extremely overheated on purpose. I don’t really like the feeling of my heart pounding out of my chest. I do not appreciate wondering if I might vomit everywhere. It only makes matters worse when you have to attend a crazy local gym with the worst air quality… For most of my adulthood, I have had an extremely cheap gym membership. This means I have visited tepid and uncomfortable gyms. Without professionally installed, high powered air conditioning and good air cleaners, for all these years I haven’t enjoyed my workouts in the slightest. That’s why I decided to get some Heating and Air Conditioning in my place, create my own beach house gym, and hopefully reduce the amount of effort that it takes to comfortably get my workouts in. I figured, if I could install and control my own cooling equipment and air quality settings, it would improve my overall desire to workout. I started by getting myself a modern air conditioning window unit, which I soon positioned in the workout room in my basement. Then I purchased a dehumidifier, to assist with pulling away all the gross air-born moisture. I finally decided to get a straightforward box fan for the finest ventilation power. It actually feels like I am easily working out in paradise these days.


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