What are the benefits to staying sober, not to mention warm?

You’ll be glad to know that being sober is a good thing ( for those of us who do not like to get drunk ) when you want to relax in a hot sauna as alcohol in your body is a dangerous thing when you step inside.

So save that crazy margarita for later.

Saunas are for the sober. And also, entering a sauna can help you sweat just as if you were exercising. The cardiovascular benefits alone closely mirror those of spending 20 minutes on a treadmill (and you get to relax instead of having to move those legs and keep them going — nice, right?) . A sauna is a dry hot room with hot rocks and a thermostat, typically. Its walls and floor are made of wood. It feels like being inside a small log – hut cabin. It is not a steam room (where smoke and mist fill the room, and there’s moisture) as people often mix one for the other. No confusion here. But how about an HVAC one, which is something more relatively new? Or heck, how bout an HVAC heater, all in all? Have you spend money on those? I have and can tell you that they are worth every penny as you can not only switch between hot or cold air and ventilation through the proper ducts…. but can also adjust settings in advance (at least when you’re sober and know what you’re doing, he heh). Such HVAC units installed in multiple rooms can save you energy, too, if they work in unison. Share your thoughts.



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