We lost our child

As the maintenance lady for my beach house building, you know I have seen my fair share of wild stuff.

In general the job is just a job, I unclog a lot of sinks, change out light bulbs, do the handyman jobs to keep the place looking nice.

I also often handle calling in experts when there is a major issue, because I am a jack of all trades, however admittedly a master of none. A few weeks ago there was a robbery in 1 of the nearby apartments, as well as I had to upgrade a door that had been kicked straight off the hinges. The craziest thing was the evening a baby got into the massive air duct system, what a evening that was! The way I understand it, some kids were sitting there, watching their baby sister as well as stuffed her into the air vent to get her finally out of the way. I knew these kids, saw them in the halls, as well as I seriously thought they were brats however locking your baby sister in an air duct is pretty bad. The kids weren’t smart enough to guess how Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems work, obviously, as well as had no clue that the baby could just crawl away as well as go deeper and deeper into the air duct. The ventilation system in a building this size is complex, so she got good as well as lost in there. The two of us had to coordinate very intensively with all the residents, having all the people check their air vents as well as take off the grates.

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