The outdoor unit makes a whistle sound

The outdoor unit with my HVAC equipment is driving me bonkers. I noticed that occasionally the outdoor air compressor makes a high pitched whistle noise. You can’t hear it unless you go outside. When it is whistling though, it is downright painful. I have looked around online trying to find a solution and there appears to be nothing. Apparently my brand of HVAC is known for making noisy units. The year of HVAC I have is said to be the loudest of them all. I found a chat forum online of people who own my exact unit. Everyone was bitterly complaining over the sound. The general consensus was that nothing can be done. One guy said he had a HVAC technician over to his home once a month making another repair inside the system. Basically the outdoor shell of the system was original but all the parts inside were brand new. Even doing that and with yearly HVAC maintenance, his system is still loud. Everyone said to just let the system make the whistle and wait until it dies. Then don’t get that brand of heating and cooling equipment anymore. I checked how long my system has been installed and it has been 17 years. So I am looking at a 3-8 year commitment on the whistle noise. I don’t know if I can make it that long. Once I have the money for a new system, I might just buy it. The noise would make it next to impossible to entertain people.

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