The house must be renovated!

One morning you are firmly stuck in a squalid beach house hating your life, as well as a week later you suddenly are in an aged ranch beach house in the country, surrounded by peace as well as quiet for the rest of your days… funny how life works, isn’t it? I had consistently believed I was an orphan with no family of my own, however it turns out I had a distant relative kicking around out there.

That woman died, and her lawyers tracked me down to supply me a small inheritance, as well as a beach house to call my very own.

It’s old, it’s gross, it’s neglected, as well as it’s out in the sticks, however it’s entirely mine! If only it had A/C, I would be all set. I can live with the broken bathroom, the super rundown kitchen, as well as the missing windows, however living without working A/C isn’t savor living at all. I can tell that this is going to take weeks to make the place liveable, however in the meantime I still needed to have some A/C, going back to the old neighborhood wasn’t an option, I had to make this work, so I hunted through so many pawn shops until I found a used cooling system I could mount in my little family room window, then at least 1 room would have AC, as well as that’s far better than nothing. As I gradually tested repairing the rest of the house, I even kept the A/C in my room running 24/7 so I could pop in whenever I started to overheat.

HVAC unit