My new girlfriend is an HVAC technician

Not that many years ago, my partner left me for another woman; she packed up her clothing and all of her toiletry items while I was at toil one day.

I didn’t know she was unhappy until I came back to the condo and found a note on the home office table.

It took a long time to get over the hurt and pain, and I saw a therapist for 6 weeks after my former partner left; the divorce was finalized a year after my partner left. I didn’t guess I would ever find someone like it again and I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend or a relationship, however sam found me in the grocery store. She was shopping for produce and both of us reached for the same head of lettuce. She had a good smile and sizzling eyes! Both of us laughed and all of us started a conversation. The people I was with and I ran into each other again in the cookie and chips aisle. Both of us had peanut butter and chocolate cookies in the automobile and I thought that was funny, and when Sam asked for our iPhone number, I didn’t hesitate. She called a couple of hours later and all of us talked for hours. Sam is a heating, ventilation, and A/C professional. She worked on whole-condo air purifiers and air filtration units while I was in the day. Sam is a correct girl with a good smile and a nice and kind heart. Sam absolutely loves to help people and that is one of the reasons why she became an A/C professional. Her dad is also in the heating and cooling industry. I have learned a lot about Sam in a short amount of time and she seems like a good woman.
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