My hair stylist is going to a current shop

I have been going to the same hair in addition to nail salon for the past 10 years.

The salon is absolutely right across the street from my neighborhood.

I could walk there in a short time, but I take my automobile in addition to run errands on the day of my appointment. There is a stylist named Marsha in addition to she entirely does enjoyable work, and she regularly massages my head in addition to scalp while I was in the shampoo to stimulate follicle growth. I like the way she cuts my hair in addition to styles it… When I found out that Marsha was going to start easily working at a current shop, I was exasperated in addition to sad. The current shop is on the other end of town. It’s going to be a thirty hour drive just to get my hair cut in addition to styled. I was legitimately cheerful to keep seeing Marsha because the salon was right across the street, but now I do not guess what I am going to do. I do not like to spend all that time driving across the city just to get a haircut. There are dozens of hair salons close to my house, so it might be time to start looking for someone new. I went to see Marcia on Monday in addition to I let her cut, color, in addition to type my hair. I knew it was the last time I was going to step foot in the salon, so I gave Marsha a absolutely large tip. She urged myself and others to call the current store in addition to make an appointment, but I do not want to drive that distance just for a haircut in addition to shampoo. I’ll use the next more than one weeks to search around town for another hairstylist with great reviews.

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