Long weekend breakdown.

The ski trip will happen later this season

We were looking forward to our annual long weekend ski trip. The time was fast approaching, the normal rooms reserved at our “go to” winter retreat spot, and now that the kids were growing older, they were also becoming increasingly skilled at black diamond adventures. It seems like yesterday when they were learning pizza and french fries on the bunny slope. After a final check of our luggage preloaded in the car, and a couple of hours of shoveling away the after-effects of the perfect snow fall, we all clambered inside to enjoy hot chocolate and maybe a movie before bed-time, knowing an earlier start would be best. Thumbing the thermostat to it’s programmed set, it happened. The click but then the true cold piercing sound of NOTHING. What was worse? Any air that was trickling in was definitely not warm. No worries. Just a quick call to our HVAC technician and….you mean you’re double booked and have no available service slot until tomorrow after 3 p.m.? Had we just of maintained our HVAC service a few months prior this could have been averted. Now, the long-awaited ski trip had to be cancelled due to not only a broken thermostat but a heater fan and furnace belt motor replacement. My HVAC provider skillfully diagnosed the main issues and at least we were able to avoid frozen pipes but the damage was already done. My furnace was in peril and all because of one missed HVAC service appointment. The ski trip will happen later this season. And although disappointing, it made us somewhat closer as a family. Once the heat was restored, we giggled like a bunch of kids and ordered IN pizza and french fries instead of remembering when we learned about those on the snow-covered hills.

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