I’m now dating an HVAC repair specialist

Not that many years ago, my fiance left me for another guy, and he packed up his clothing and all of his toiletry items while I was at work one afternoon.

However I did not guess he was unhappy until I came back home and found a note on the kitchen table.

It took a long time to get over the hurt and pain, and I saw a therapist for 6 weeks after my fiance left. The divorce was finalized a year after my fiance left. I did not guess I would ever find genuine love again and I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend or a relationship, but Sam found myself and others in the grocery store. He was shopping for produce and both of us reached for the same head of lettuce. He had a great smile and hot eyes… Both of us laughed and both of us started a conversation. The two of us ran into each other again in the cookie and snacks aisle. Both of us had peanut butter and chocolate cookies in the cart and I thought that was funny, and when Sam asked for my number, I did not hesitate. He called a couple of hours later and both of us talked for hours. Sam is a heating, ventilation, and A/C supplier. He works on media air cleaners and air filtration units during the day. Sam is an official guy with a great smile and a nice and kind heart. Sam particularly enjoys helping people and that is one of the reasons why he became an AC supplier. His Mom is also in the heating and cooling industry. I’ve learned a lot about Sam in a short amount of time and he seems to be a great guy.


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