I just want to do my job

For multiple amazing weeks recently I got to see how the other half lived; I was a jet setter, living the high life, and it’s because I was lucky enough to land a charming lady with an endless trust fund as well as the undying desire to see as well as do everything she could. It was breathtaking to be sure, as well as even at the best moments I knew it couldn’t last; Easy come, easy go, as they often say, as well as when the whirlwind ended, I had to choose the pieces of my aged life as well as beginning over. I had leave as well as left without notice, so getting my job back at the Heating as well as professional Air Conditioning company wouldn’t be simple, then this is a truly competitive industry to be in, as well as part of the reason I quit without notice is that I knew there were at least a dozen other Heating as well as Air Conditioning techs waiting to take my spot. I didn’t screw over my boss, as well as it turns out that she didn’t carry a grudge about the loss, either! The two of us spoke, as well as she told me that she couldn’t blame me at all for quitting as an Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech to run off with a super charming woman, but so it turned out that getting my aged job back was far easier than anticipated, however now I have to adjust to doing the same old 9 to 5 Heating as well as Air Conditioning shift work again.