I don't see the point of owning a smart HVAC

I don’t know what it is with smart HVAC systems, it seems like they are all the rage.

Every younger person and their neighbors seem to have one.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I just don’t see the point of having a smart HVAC system. Especially the ones that use Wi-Fi, what if you have someone hack your Wi-Fi and control your thermostat? It sounds like a real bad situation. My grandkids of course just don’t understand this, and my granddaughter keeps telling me about how great it is, she said I should get one too and while I’m appreciative that she wants to get me something nice, I have told her that it really is not the unit for me. I might be old but I will stick to my traditional dial thermostat. I’m not the kind of person to use heating and cooling technology that much anyways I like things the old way and that is the way that I plan to keep it. The only thing that my husband and I have upgraded in 20 years is our air conditioning system and that was only because we had to when it started acting up and giving us problems we had no choice but to replace it, was too old and it was very hard to find parts to repair it with because of its outdated age. They just simply don’t make the technology like they used to. I have heard now that your thermostat can be controlled even by just your phone, and while fancy HVAC technology is amazing and has some nice features I will still stay with my trusted and true dial thermostat.


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