I am keeping my workout room

We have a central HVAC unit and a bathroom right there as well

My attached screened lanai is the best work out space ever. My husband is constantly trying to put his stuff in that room though. The space is so great because the ceilings are high, it is long and the screened windows let in a breeze. I can work out comfortably in there and not bother anyone. I have two folding mats that fit perfectly. I made a shelving system to hold my jump ropes, free weights, work out shoes and jump rope mat. It really is a great space. My husband has been pushing it to be another entertaining room. The view from the lanai is great. You get our wide open lawn and a view of a lake. My husband wants to add outdoor furniture there and get a ductless mini split installed. He doesn’t like relying on the breeze rather than AC. In the winter it does get pretty chilly. What I do is run a space heater for the hour I work out. For entertainment purposes, the space heater wouldn’t cut it. A ductless HVAC unit would be a great solution. Literally five feet away is our living room though. You can turn around on the couch and see the view. We have a central HVAC unit and a bathroom right there as well. Why do I have to give up my workout room? I feel my husband just likes to have stuff in every area. He even talked about adding a hot tub to that space before. No way! That space is mine and only mine.


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