HVAC is just the beginning: Service techs can also find careers in alternate fields.

Thinking about becoming an HVAC technician? Now is never a better time to open your options to the many other pathways you can follow with the knowledge of an HVAC technician under your belt.

Tool belt that is.

HVAC technicians are todays climate controllers. Pretty big shoes to fill with global warming becoming increasingly prevalent. Starting off there, HVAC companies can be called out to restore entire communities after climate disasters, provide service for wind turbine generators, regulate cold storage facilities for hospitals, industrial plants, mining and other temperate reliant industries. Proper HVAC air duct, fan and cooling service can mean life or death for a majority of other professions. An HVAC technician who is also certified in wiring, electrical and plumbing can find expansive work in home construction, design and inspection. Want to really soak up the sun? By 2028, it is estimated that the rise in solar energy for the home will begin to hit a peak so a step in the right direction with an HVAC background can give you a step ahead of the others if you look into photovoltaic training. Auto mechanics can certainly utilize the skill set of an HVAC technician both for the shop environment AND the delicate and sometimes difficult diagnosis of sensor related automotive repairs. A military tool as well, you can serve your country with your knowledge of vents, air flow and mechanics. Oil rigs, commercial fisheries, high security where a degree of temperature change can operate elevators, pressure sensitive door locks and ATM terminals. The work that can be found is out there, but the career CHOICES are yours. A well-prepared HVAC technician already has those boots filled and make the switch. Does your job give you that much satisfaction? Don’t wait to get in on the HVAC action.


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