The house is not safe heating wise for a baby

My wife and I are going to start trying for a baby real soon.

I thought my duties would take a few minutes and then I would be done. I thought my wife would tag me back in when it was time to set up a crib and maybe change some diapers. Instead she is going insane prepping for a child that isn’t even in her belly yet. My wife is nuts about making our house safe. She recently told me our fireplace isn’t good for the baby and it needs to go. Not only does it produce dusty indoor air, but it has a glass front plate that could burn the baby. My point was the baby won’t get hurt by the glass plate until the walking stage, so we have time. My wife has berated me and nagged me to the point aht I am now looking at other options. She really would like the house to have heated flooring. In order to do this installation I would need to rip up all our rugs, add cement board and the electric heated mats on top. Then I would need a brand new rug or tile to sit on top of that. Do you know how much that is going to cost? I also am only one man. How am I supposed to do that heating installation in nine months? I am thinking my wife will have other projects for me too. I really don’t want to take this one down. I have been looking at ductless heat pumps and thinking that might be an easier option.


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