I told him to call the HVAC company.

I always loved being around my uncle.

He was so much fun to talk to, but lately I had noticed a change in how he was behaving.

He didn’t look good and his mind seemed to be slipping. I noticed he was tired all the time and he told me he wasn’t feeling well. I noticed that when I was at his house, I would always leave with a really bad headache. I would be out of his house for about an hour, and I would be feeling better. I was pretty sure it had to have something to do with his furnace. I tried to tell my uncle that he had to have the HvAC company come out and look at his HVAC system. I was sure that if he didn’t get the HVAC system checked, something serious was going to happen. He refused to call the HVAC company. He never even changed his air filters. He said they were too expensive. I asked him when was the last time he had even had his furnace cleaned or had the ductwork cleaned. He said he hadn’t had anything done to the furnace since the day it had been installed. This worried me and I said something to do about it. A couple days later, I heard that my uncle had passed away. They found him in his house after having had a wellness check done. The heat exchanger in his gas furnace had cracked, and it had been leaking carbon monoxide for quite some time. My uncle had died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
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