You can spend less on ventilation

Saving currency is right up there with a bunch of other stuff about life.

That perhaps sounds ludicrous but it’s true.

For me there is just nothing love being able to find a good deal whenever I can. I search high and low for the best deals. There was a particular time that I was able to simply buy whatever I needed. The global economy changed and I had to tighten the financial belt a bit. When my supplier finally righted itself bringing in more work, I could not shake the desire to find good deals. I’m the guy that will happily scour the internet to find the best deal on a pair of sunglasses. And, I’ll wait Lowe’s multiple weeks for them to go on deep discount sale. So, the fact that I do my very best best to save on my utility bill all the time should not come as a surprise to anyone. First thing I do is own the thermostat every single day. I task from lake home so I can keep my eye on the temp throughout the morning and afternoon. During the summer time weeks, the temp in my home is just over 77 degrees in the peak heating of the morning. I also attempt to reasonably stop the direct sunshine heating. I have employed some special solar drape panels on all the windows which earn full sunshine throughout the morning. Every little bit counts.

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