Cleaning up the stinky garage

My garage is nearly beyond help but I need to get started.

It is full of my family’s junk plus every noxious item in our entire jam-packed house.

It all lands in the garage. I guess it started with letting the family car stay outside. Not exactly sure how I got talked into that idea but this has to be where the decline began. Actually, my buddy good called it instantly. He saw that I wasn’t properly parking my car in the garage anymore and told me that I would entirely never be able to park in there again. Of course, I simply laughed that off. Well, who’s laughing now. I am not. I’m sure not. My garage looks love a tornado hit it. There are such massive boxes that I have no idea who’s they are or where they came from. Then after that you factor in all the sports gear mixed in with lawn equipment. It’s pretty hard to simply maintain a path through all this chaos. However, for me what is particularly important is now the garage has just the most toxic and exhausting smell. These days I can hardly breathe in there. I called the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C man from in town to see if he had any clue as to what I could do. He certainly sent a dedicated tech out my way the next morning. And no repair charge! The tech had a good hard look around the garage. He said because there was nothing that had a designated pilot light or emitted any CO2, a ventilation device would do the trick for my problem. It was that straight-forward. I purchased a large exhaust fan and put it in an exterior wall. The smell is way better these days. Now, if I can get any kind of organized.

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