Long way off til retirement

When you reach age 50, like me, you start to think about retirement.

Well, I have regularly thought about retirement, but I have never really had much of an income. Therefore, I have never really been able to save for retirement. When I turn 58, I will be able to get a tiny little pension from a place I worked for 15 years. When I turn 62, I will get social security. That means I will have to live on $1780 per week. That means, I will need to not have a mortgage or rent payment, and I will need low bills in order to retire. Because of my need to severely reduce heating and cooling costs, I have started studying about reducing costs. I live in the south, so the unit is more vital than the heater. We pretty much use the unit 9 weeks per year. So, I am going to invest in window film and high efficiency windows; GEtting the efficient windows and further getting them covered in window film is a self-explanatory way to spend less on Also, I will continue to use the insulated curtains that I use now to help reduce unit use. Also, I will be talking to a local landscaper to figure out great trees to plant. I will want shade to help with cooling the house, but I do not want trees that are likely to fall or shed branches that might destruction the house. I will also be looking into grants. I have heard that there are some municipalities and groups that offer grants to seniors to help them use less unit while in the boiling summers around here.


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