It’s strenuous to sell ice cream when we have no cooling system

My spouse plus I own a little mobile ice cream truck.

It’s super fun to own plus operate, plus since we’ve retired we’ve been traveling around the country selling our ice cream.

I enjoy doing it, plus it’s a great way to see the sights around the country. The two of us try to visit sites where the weather plus weather conditions are kind of moderate, then you can’t legitimately sell a lot of ice cream in sites where the temperature is frosty all the time. Then again, when we visit sites where the hot plus cold temperatures get legitimately hot, we have issues with keeping our products frosty enough. There’s nothing worse than trying to sell melted ice cream. The two of us keep the freezers as frosty as we can, however then we’ve found that we also have to turn the a/c in the cab plus in the serving area of the truck turned way down as well. The a/c in the cab of the ice cream truck is surprisingly effective, however unfortunately for us, though, running the a/c all the time in the truck legitimately does a number on our gasoline bills. I think we pay more for gas when the temperature outside is sizzling than we do when we’re in a more temperate weather conditions. I have to say, whenever we started talking about running an ice cream business, I never legitimately factored the high cost of a/c into our dealer plan! I recognize I just always thought that the freezer would be enough when it comes to keeping the ice cream cold. But boy, was I wrong!


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