Necessity to having great HVAC

I often think of my electric bill as a necessary evil.

Therefore, when my utility bill is too high, I always think there isn’t much to be done about it, especially when I think about the a/c.

I think appreciate the is a necessity. There is no way to live without it down here in my little southern corner of the world; However, I took a trip to a southern country friend last summer. I didn’t think it was possible, however the control component studyings there were even higher than they are here where I live. And I discovered that is not considered a necessity by those people! In fact, most of the local people I met did not even have at all! The same was true for the little shops and stuff I went into. Those that cater to the local people also did not have air conditioning. It quickly became apparent that the only places that were guaranteed to have running were those places that catered to the needs of tourists! So, believe what that means? We are spoiled! I considered a necessity, however it actually isn’t. I just have gotten used to it, I appreciate it, and therefore, I think of it as needed. They build their houses in such a way as to get cross breezes. They have shade in their yards. They wipe their hair and don’t dry it. All of these things help them flipping on a control component hung in the hallway.

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