Importance of good windows

When you are an older person who grew up in the south, you suppose a thing or various about staying cool while I was in the Summer weeks, often, if you read articles, the first thing someone will suggest is to get a more efficient Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. Well, that is not bad advice, however it costs a lot! I am here to tell you that simply finding a really good way to cover your windows is 1 way to chop the cost of a/c. The cooler you can naturally keep your house, the less artificial a/c you will have to use to stay cool plus prevent mildew growth. So, forget about buying a new air conditioning unit, find good ways of covering your windows! First, consider window movie. If you don’t suppose what that is, you are a yankee. Window movie can be bought relatively cheaply. It is either dark or reflective coating you chop plus stick on your windows to chop cooling costs by blocking out the sun. Some bad southerners will even put aluminum foil up against their windows to chop down on the sun penetrating inside. Second, get an awning. If you think awnings are just for looks, think again. The purpose of an awning is to chop down on cooling costs. Third, discover room blackening curtains, then room darkening or blackening curtains are made of this insulating material. They block the sun so well that the a/c will kick on thirty percent less often if you use these curtains. Fourth, cover your windows with shade, but plant trees or tall grass so they shade your windows. All of these easy things will help you use less a/c.

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