I caught a cold as well as had to take off work

I hardly ever get sick… As a result, I must admit that I have racked up quite a few sick day hours at work, then over the past few years, I have had little use for them as well as I will admit that I have occasionally used them more for a mini holiday than anything! However, at the tail end of last January, I came down with the flu! Sure enough, I had at least a few afternoons off from work available to recover.

The thing was, this time I absolutely needed them! I was starting to come down with the flu late Sunday day, as well as by the time I woke up Wednesday morning, I felt appreciate I had been hit by a dump truck! It was in the 20s early that morning as well as there was no way on Earth I was going into work into an office that had subpar heating anyway! Instead, I cranked up the control unit to dispel that chill in the air.

I called in sick as well as made it clear that I legitimately wasn’t going to be ready to work Monday either. I bundled up in a thick robe as well as slippers as well as thought to myself that maybe if the heating was a little bit better at the office, then maybe I would have not come down with the flu in the first place! It had been a wet few afternoons as well as all of us needed that heat to protect us, as well as yet here I was sniffling as well as sneezing with a terrible headache! Well, at least in the comfort of our own home, I could set the heating system as high as I wanted to, as well as I absolutely was!


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