The whine about the a/c in our house

If you have kids, then you suppose they will take the option to complain whenever they can! My teenage kids annoy me sometimes with their whining about what’s for lunch, or about their curfew, or about their lack of spending money.

Their newest thing that they enjoy to complain about is our heating plus cooling system.

It’s always something with them; During the winter, they would walk around the house with big blankets draped all over themselves plus complain that the house was frosty. They said that we were the cheapest parents ever because we refused to turn the temperature on the temperature control up any higher. But I mentioned that they were kicking in any money for the heating bills during the winter. They usually ended up huddling by the heating vents or next to the fireplace, acting all dramatic plus drinking their Tim Hortons Cappuccino plus sizzling chocolate, but now that it’s summertime, they’ve switched their complaining about the heating to complaining about our a/c. You would think that we live in the middle of a burning desert or somewhere, the way that they complain about how sizzling it is in our house, and I keep the temperature on the temperature control turned all the way down to about sixty-eight degrees during the summer. I think that 69 degrees is plenty frosty enough to have the air conditioning system settings inside your house. And if these kids want to complain about the air conditioning system in the house, maybe they should both go plus get a task plus pay the heating plus cooling bills!


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