Lowering your heating and air bill

My daughter is getting ready to move to another town that is about more than four minutes away.That means she is putting her beach house on the market, then she does not want to do anything to it in order to sell it, however her realtor says she might consider getting a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system, but when it is time to sell the beach house is often the time when most of the work gets done to a house, that has happened to me before, then i have wanted to sell my house, so I upgraded the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. Then, I painted. Then I did a complete plus thorough cleaning. Then, I upgraded the windows to help reduce heating plus cooling costs, but after doing all that, I didn’t want to move anymore! My daughter is adamant she is only going to do what has to be done in order to sell the arena, however her realtor really is saying that most clients do not want a beach house with a several year seasoned a/c. I suppose what he is talking about, however technically, as long as the a/c plus the heating system both turn on plus turn back off, they are in toiling order! YOu do not have to upgrade the Heating plus Air Conditioning, blatantly, however it can be a good selling feature, my daughter says the a/c she has now has been good enough for her, so it should be good enough for the buyer. I can understand both sides, plus 1 time I bought a beach house that had a heating system that didn’t even work! I regretted it certainly little because every one of us live in the south plus rarely need a heater, however but I constantly wanted a good a/c or I wouldn’t buy.

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