Fighting with my husband over that bloody thermostat

If there is one thing I hate, that is fighting with my husband.

We have a really wonderful relationship and we have been married for over twenty years this May.

I like my husband so much although he has been driving myself and others silly lately. To be fair, it really isn’t his fault, but I am still angry with him, however he works for a twenty-4 hour Heating and A/C supplier that will take home calls in the middle of the night if it is an emergency. He works in the call room and answers the cellphones until someone needs him to come out and look at their Heating and A/C system. Normally, he only works one or two night shifts a week. However, the last few months he has been working only night shifts. At first I tried to be really patient with him because I knew he didn’t like working late at the Heating and A/C supplier either. However, it was starting to be a problem because the teenagers were starting to wonder where he was too. They would sneak off and call him at the Heating and A/C supplier and that would get him in trouble with his boss. I don’t feel how much long I can take his long mornings with the Heating and A/C supplier. I really hope they deliver him his old schedule back soon. I really miss him being at beach home with us for supper and I feel the teenagers do too! I guess he is going to have a chat with his boss next week!


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