What makes my life easier

When you have multiple people residing in a house that have particularly unusual ideas of what temperature on the thermostat constitutes being comfortable, it can be tough when you can only set one temperature within a home, then somebody’s preferences win out over the other’s preferences, it’s that simple! Or, alternatively, there is a constant fight over control of the thermostat.

Me & my wife used to have that problem to some degree.

We were not aware that there was a simple solution, that simple solution was zone controlled heating & a/c. It turns out that you can indeed compartmentalize your house in terms of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning, & set unusual temperatures for unusual zones of the home. Special air dampers that restrict, increase, or redirect airflow make this a option. Once the dampers are installed, you can install separate thermostats for the unusual parts of your home, now, the only time the temperature on the thermostat is called into question is when me & my wife are making a point of spending time together in the same room. At the least, with zone control heating & air, the people I was with and I can both be quite comfortable when the people I was with and I are having our own private time. Not to mention the fact that the people I was with and I no longer have to heat or cool an entire house when the people I was with and I want to be comfortable in a identifiable room. For example, if I’m in my learn writing on the laptop, & my wife is out with her ladys, I can turn up the heating or air in the learn & have the rest of the house shut down, and pretty convenient, huh?


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