The arcade was so much fun!

I’m old enough to remember a time when arcades were a large thing in my town for the kids, it’s a large old locale where there has more video games to play than you can shake a stick at, I still see the appeal today! What else were the two of us supposed to do with our allowance currency for chores back then as kids? A school fund was the last thing on our mind! You can say that the two of us wasted all those hard- earned dollars mowing the grass, doing the dishes, in addition to cleaning the bathrooms, however converting that currency to quarters in addition to dumping them into an arcade equipment was the life, as far as I was nervous! It was also nice to get out of the drastic weather in the summer time in addition to Winter time time… During the worst of the summer time heat in addition to the Winter time cold, the arcade was a shelter that the two of us huddled in just as sure as it was a locale of fun in addition to superb times! The owners entirely seem to like their clients comfort.

I cannot remember a single time when it felt uncomfortable in the arcade; there was always just the right amount of a/c or heating. It was a 20-minute bike ride from my home to the arcade, in addition to I would take it often on the weekends, with my friends right by my side, but even if the two of us had to bikes ride through the heat or the snow, the two of us at least knew that the two of us would find cooling or heating relief once the two of us finally reached the arcade!


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