Technological advances in HVAC

For sure, I use technology.

It’s ever present in my life pretty much. But, it wasn’t always that way and I am far, far from a tech guy. In fact, it wasn’t very long ago that I went from tiny cell phone to smart phone. So while I definitely use tech, I am so not on the forefront. There are times at work when I get so frustrated with technology that I have to go put my face into the HVAC vent. This helps me from screaming and then just calling it a day. Yet, all these electronics are omnipresent and are certainly not going anywhere. I even have moved on to a piece of technology for the HVAC. That’s right, I have a smart HVAC thermostat that can manage the heating & cooling of my house far better than I ever could. It has been a wonderful addition to our lives. There were plenty of my peers who jumped on the smart HVAC thing right away. Actually, I sort of missed the boat on that one. But, you live and learn right? I know that each person who had the HVAC smart thermostat was really stoked to have it. That should have been enough for me. However, I have this thing with tech gadgets. I don’t really want to be the guy who buys something only to have it be obsolete in months. So, I waited on the smart thermostat. It’s too bad because it could have been saving me money for a much longer period. I was stunned the first month I checked my utility bill. It was like nearly 15 percent lower and that was without doing anything other than installing the smart thermostat.


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HVAC sizing is critical

It has finally happened and I wasn’t so sure it ever would. Later in life, I have become a homeowner. It’s a situation that I thought might just be out of my reach and yet it has materialized. My wife and I spent so many years dealing with apartments and the loud neighbors, poor HVAC, etc. But almost out of nowhere came an inheritance we simply didn’t see coming. I was sitting in the HVAC comfort in my home when I received a registered letter that would ultimately change our lives. Had that not happened, I would still be pestering some rental office to do something about the HVAC. That is sort of ironic given one of the first challenges to our rookie homeownership was the HVAC. We bought a house in an as is condition because the price was so good. The bones of the house were in great shape. However the rest of it needed a whole lot of work. It really wasn’t in any condition to move into until we did something with the HVAC system. That old heating & cooling unit actually still ran but that was about it. It was obvious we would have to replace it so we contacted an HVAC contractor. He took one look at the HVAC unit and noted that it was far too small for the volume it was supposed to be heating and cooling. He explained that he saw this far too often when general contractors were cutting corners. He assured us that whether we went with ductless HVAC or replaced the central air system, he would get us the right sized heating U cooling unit.

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Just a few changes to behavior yields great HVAC savings

This year has been the most challenging of any I can rightly remember.

And, it seems as though it just gets worse.

Now, we are going into the winter in such a precarious spot with regard to the pandemic. It’s not enough that we have dealt with this for 8 months or more but, the worst may yet be in front of us. However, I am trying to look for bright spots and one of those includes the HVAC. With our income being reduced, it was really important that our household do everything we could to slash spending. There really wasn’t anywhere in the budget that didn’t get a bit of a trim. The HVAC utility costs were high up on the list of spending cuts. We live in an area where our main weather concern is the heat of summer. Fortunately, we have a great HVAC that is efficient. However, we knew there was money being left on the table regarding cost savings. That’s because we had never totally committed to making some cost saving changes. The first thing we did was get accustomed to having the house warmer. That is just where you have to start. While there are other valuable tactics, they pale in comparison to HVAC setting discipline. It’s pretty simple really. As the peak heating hours bring the temperature way up outside, we allow the inside temps to rise as well. However, we used fans and shades to help us feel much cooler while greatly reducing the HVAC demand. It really did end up being a bright spot in this difficult year. We ended up saving a few hundred dollars over the entire summer on HVAC costs.

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Any sort of HVAC repair requires professional attention

I guess we always have the choice to select the least expensive option over the right remedy. This goes for just about everything including the HVAC in your home. I know we are all looking for ways to reign in our spending as the economy continues to stagger due to the pandemic. I know that being forced to work from home in the HVAC has had its challenges. First, it’s not my office and so there was quite a learning curve for me when it came to focusing on work at home. Then there was the summer heat. Due to our income taking a hit, we chose to really focus on reducing our HVAC utility bill. While it was a great success, it took some effort and I was definitely warmer than I would have been working from my perfectly HVAC controlled downtown office. Still, we saved several hundred dollars over the summer months. However, there is responsible savings and their is irresponsibly being cheap. That difference is reflected in our HVAC situation. It was important and valuable to save on the HVAC costs over that key HVAC demand period. However, we are now faced with and unexpected HVAC repair that will not come cheap. But, we aren’t going to cheap out and find the least expensive option for the repair. The HVAC is just too valuable an asset to allow anyone but a certified, licensed HVAC professional to even touch it. It’s one thing to save, it’s another to invest in guaranteed HVAC repair.
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Trouble in the air this week

This week has been pretty horrible weather wise where I live.

The air quality seems to have shifted majorly and it is pretty bad.

I usually don’t have allergic reactions to air quality, but this week its been happening. It was so bad that I ended up borrowing my neighbor’s spare portable air purification system that they had. They had 2 portable air purification systems. One as the main one they used and one as a back up. They let me borrow the spare. I have to tell you that the portable air purification system they let me borrow worked great. It really helped with combating the very bad air quality that was around me. Bad air quality is not something we have often around here, but when we do it gets super bad. This was why I was so happy that my neighbor had that spare portable air purification system. I did not want to go out and have to buy a portable air purification system myself. These things can get to be a bit pricey to tell you the honest to god truth. Also, the fact that I would not have to use the portable air purification system often is another factor that played in as to why I did not want to go out and buy a portable air purification system for my home. Like I mentioned, i do not usually have any reaction to bad air quality on the rare chance it happened. Once the air quality had cleared, I returned the portable air purification system to my neighbor and thanked them dearly for the loan.

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This was unexpected

I could not believe my eyes when I walked into this local store recently and found a bunch of portable space heaters on sale for 20 bucks! That is ultra cheap and never in my life have I ever seen a portable space heater for that low of a price.

At first I thought they must have been cheaply made portable space heaters, but then I looked closer and seen that they were the best HVAC brand on the market today, and that they were on a clearance special. The store was going to not be carrying them any longer and was trying to get rid of the portable space heaters as fast as they could. I thought this would be a great chance for me to pick up a few of these portable space heaters for next to nothing so I would have some kind of back up heating in my home in case my central heat and cooling unit went down at some point. Or, it would also assist in saving on energy use and taking the bill of my electric down at times. You see I could just run the portable space heater in place of the central heating system for small portions of the day and that would help in that aspect of things. I ended up buying 3 of the portable space heaters. I seen they had portable air conditioning systems there too, but the portable air conditioning systems were not on sale or clearance. So i did not even think about buying a portable air conditioning system that day.

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The freezing bed

The other morning when I woke up I could not believe how freezing my bed was! It felt as if I was laying on an ice block and the room itself was the temperature of Alaska.

It was then I figured out that my heater was broken.

And I had to call the local HVAC company to get heating repair right away before I froze my tail off and got really sick. I guess I was pretty lucky that I had a portable space heater tucked away in a closet that I nearly had forgot about. I pulled out the portable space heater and got it cranking pretty hard in my house before I went to the phone and called the local heating and air conditioning company. The heating and air conditioning company was very nice on the phone. They were actually going to try to get someone out the same day without charging me for emergency HVAC service. I thought this was very kind of them. The heating and air conditioning company we have in our area is family owned and small. Maybe this had something to do with it. I was so glad when their certified heating and cooling expert arrived and was ready to fix my heater. My portable space heater was going pretty well in heating the room I was in, but I needed my whole home heating back from my central heat and air conditioning system because it was super cold outside. We have pretty brutal winters here, and this was one of them.

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Coming next month

I am so happy that next month I will finally be able to buy myself a new central heating and air conditioning system.

This is something I have been saving up for since last April.

I needed a new central heating and air conditioning system because my old one was nearly 10 years old, and the general lifespan of a central heating and air conditioning system comes at about 15 years. But my central heating and air conditioning system was on its last leg a bit early. I knew I had to do something about it. I was spending a lot of money on unneeded HVAC repair. The reason I say unneeded is because if I had a new central heating and air conditioning system, I would not have needed all this HVAC repair in the first place! HVAC repair costs tend to get pretty high these days. Especially when the HVAC repair for the central heating and air conditioning system is happening every other month or so. This creates a lot of ongoing issues. So I will be so happy to be able to say goodbye to all of that and just get myself a brand new and completely up to date central heating and air conditioning system for my home. I really can not wait till next month. It will be a a huge weight lifted off me once I have my brand new and totally up to date central heating and air conditioning system unit! This will be the best gift for myself I ever bought in my life!
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Never trust a shady HVAC professional

He installed it just fine, but he was in a rush to get out of my home with my old HVAC

Everybody makes mistakes in life, some worse than others. Well, I recall a terrible experience I had a few years ago. I actually had to get a new HVAC system because my old one was dying on me. The thing is, I was kind of short on money and I figured that I could just get some kind of refurbished HVAC system and have a cheap HVAC professional install the system for me. I looked around for a little bit and I finally found what I was looking for. There was this guy advertising refurbished HVAC units and he even offered a cheap installation rate. So I made the arrangements and everything. I should have known things were kind of shady when he said he needed his payment up front. I agreed to it because I really needed my new HVAC unit to be installed. I was regretting my decision when he hauled in the old HVAC unit. It looked like it was worse off than the HVAC unit that was being replaced. It made me wonder if this guy was just taking old HVAC units from other places and just reinstalling them in this fashion without having them refurbished. He assured me that this HVAC unit was in excellent working condition, even though I was skeptical of that. He installed it just fine, but he was in a rush to get out of my home with my old HVAC. When I went to turn on the HVAC system, it worked, but it was not very good at all. I ended up trying to call the guy to get my money back or get a better HVAC, but his number was disconnected. This was a lesson I had to learn the hard way, never to trust a shady HVAC professional.

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I keep my window A/C unit remote in my wife’s purse

That is actually a present my wife got for me so long ago and I really love it because it keeps me extra cool during the night hours when I’m relaxing and getting ready for bed

My wife has this really big purse that she absolutely loves. I actually got it for her for Christmas a long time ago. It’s excellent quality so it has remained in good shape over the years. When I ordered it online though, I didn’t realize how massive it was in size. She says she loves it because she can carry everything in it. Even if we go to the beach, she can stuff the towels inside the purse because there’s just that much room. Well, over the years I even put stuff in her purse so that I know I will not lose anything. I even keep the TV remote in our room in there and also the remote for the window A/C unit. I realize it seems stupid but I hate losing that TV remote and it’s so easy to find in her purse. The same applies to the A/C remote. I am always adjusting the temperature control settings in our room with that remote, and it would drive me nuts if I were to ever lose the window A/C remote. That is actually a present my wife got for me so long ago and I really love it because it keeps me extra cool during the night hours when I’m relaxing and getting ready for bed. We actually do have the central A/C system, but the window A/C unit is great because I don’t have to waste a ton of energy trying to cool down the entire household. I really just want my room to be extra cold when I am trying to sleep.

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