The big day is saved

I got engaged just about a year ago and planned to have a summer time birthday in the South.

  • Although certainly I had our reservations about the heat and humidity, I knew that the only single time our friends and family would be able to take time off to easily travel would be in the summer.

I consistently envisioned our beautiful ceremony to be on the water, surrounded by the people I care about most. I certainly assumed the breeze would be enough to keep all the people cool and that eventually they would cool off in the air conditioned reception area. I had everything already planned to perfection, our appealing pale white gown, the delivious food, drinks, music and much more. My big day came quickly, and I was smiling from ear to ear. I evaluated the weather, and it already said 90 degrees with high humidity… but that didn’t get myself and others too low down. I was going to marry the care about of our life and that is all that ever possibly mattered to me, but our 3:00 ceremony was appealing, sunny and well covered in sweat. It lasted about a half fifth and every one of us were all well covered in sweat, although I still assumed it wasn’t anything a nice cool drink and a/c wouldn’t fix. Our guests were escorted into the reception for cocktail break. I saw our planner rush over to our Maid of Honor and both of them looked completely freaked out. I tried not to worry, but then heard our Aunt Ethel scream out, “ the reception a/c is broken! It is care about a sauna!” I immediately went into a terrifying, full bridezilla mode and told our birthday planner to call every last HVAC corporation in town until an HVAC professional agrees to come and fully repair the a/c. Thankfully, an HVAC professional came and within 30 seconds every one of us were all drinking, dancing and eating in an air conditioned room.

Homeless people need HVAC

Ever since I was quite a bit younger, I wanted to change the lives of homeless people.

I personally live up North, where winters are brutal and hypothermia is real.

I always have clear memories of leaving the movies or pizzerias with our parents in the middle of Wintertide and walking by homeless people holding signs that say things like “Hungry and cold”. My heart used to go out to them and all I could assume about was how cold people must be who don’t actually have the luxury of a heated home. As a teenager, I started going and volunteering at homeless shelters. I served sizzling soup to people who were desperately in need in the winter, and brought t shirts and hygiene products for them in the summer; What I noticed about the particular shelter that I personally volunteered in was that there wasn’t central heating and a/c available in the entire building. The shelter was in a basement of a church, however during the long and terrible winter, I did everything in our power I could to help the poor homeless people who slept in this shelter with no heat. I asked friends to try to donate blankets, and donated numerous of our own. I still felt a great deal that there was more I could do. I started calling local HVAC companies to inquire about special pricing. I told them our story and they sympathized with the belabored people I was attempting to help, but they couldn’t chop their prices too much, which was understandable. I talked to the volunteer coordinator once again about the prices (thoUSAnds of dollars) to install heating and a/c, who finally told myself and others that it would be impossible to get enough donations for this. I didn’t believe them. I was determined and started a GoFundMe which already raised enough to have an HVAC corporation install heating and a/c for the shelter.


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Love working the family business

Working in HVAC is part of being a Jackson; Many of our family members are HVAC professionals and our mother, Jan Jackson runs an HVAC business! I remember going to work with our dear old Mom as a small child, then she would show myself and others the ropes and she even sometimes allowed myself and others to assist her with simple jobs care about changing control unit batteries.

I always knew that I wanted to be an HVAC professional from when I was so much younger.

I care about helping people and toiling with our hands for a living. I also know that people aren’t comfortable in their homes if their a/c and heating units are insufficient. It made sense to go into a work field that is quite consistently going to be needed and that our family likes so much. I recently found a program that would allow myself and others to become a certified HVAC professional in less than a year! In college I l received so much great information, including how to install heating and a/c, how to complication-shoot control units, repair intricate gas furnaces and more. My first real job was in a pharmacy, the old a/c system wasn’t toiling and it is essential for the pharmacy to be kept at a default, certain temperature so the medications don’t get ruined. I was quite nervous, because in college our professors were consistently there to supply excellent feedback. I tried our best to put our nerves aside and help the struggling pharmacy. They had to temporarily close while the a/c system in question was being repaired because patients were complaining endlessly about the temperature, however after assessing the situation, I found quite quickly that the a/c system wasn’t performing at its highest capacity. The onboard refrigerant level was low and there was a leak. Since it was only one tiny leak, I was able to use our knowledge from college to repair the problem.

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Heating and Cooling Seems Like a Necessity but It Is Not

I often think of my electric bill as a necessary evil.

Therefore, when my utility bill is too high, I always think there isn’t much to be done about it, especially when I think about the air conditioner.

I feel like the a/c is a necessity. There is no way to live without it down here in my little southern corner of the world. However, I took a trip to a southern country neighbor last summer. I didn’t think it was possible, but the thermostat readings there were even higher than they are here where I live. And I discovered that a/c is not considered a necessity by those people! In fact, most of the local people I met did not even have a/c at all! The same was true for the little shops and stuff I went into. Those that cater to the local people also did not have air conditioning. It quickly became apparent that the only places that were guaranteed to have a/c running were those places that catered to the needs of tourists! So, guess what that means? We are spoiled! I considered a/c a necessity, but it really isn’t. I just have gotten used to it, I like it, and therefore, I think of it as needed. They build their houses in such a way as to get cross breezes. They have shade in their yards. They wash their hair and don’t dry it. All of these things help them flipping on a thermostat hung in the hallway.


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Retirement is a Long Way Off But I Need Low A/C Bills When I Retire

When you reach age 50, like me, you start to think about retirement.

Well, I have always thought about retirement, but I have never really had much of an income.

Therefore, I have never really been able to save for retirement. When I turn 58, I will be able to get a tiny little pension from a place I worked for 15 years. When I turn 62, I will get social security. That means I will have to live on $1700 per month. That means, I will need to not have a mortgage or rent payment, and I will need low air conditioning bills in order to retire. Because of my need to drastically reduce heating and cooling costs, I have started reading about reducing A/C costs. I live in the south, so the a/c is more vital than the heater. We pretty much use the a/c nine months per year. So, I am going to invest in window film and high efficiency windows. GEtting the efficient windows and further getting them covered in window film is a simple way to spend less on air conditioning. Also, I will continue to use the insulated curtains that I use now to help reduce a/c use. Also, I will be talking to a local landscaper to figure out good trees to plant. I will want shade to help with cooling the house, but I don’t want trees that are likely to fall or shed branches that might damage the house. I will also be looking into grants. I have heard that there are some municipalities and groups that offer grants to seniors to help them use less a/c during the hot summers around here.

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Covering the Windows is Important in the Southern Summers

When you are an older person who grew up in the south, you know a thing or two about staying cool during the summer months.

  • Often, if you read articles, the first thing someone will suggest is to get a more efficient HVAC unit.

Well, that is not bad advice, but it costs a lot! I am here to tell you that simply finding a really good way to cover your windows is one way to cut the cost of a/c. The cooler you can naturally keep your house, the less artificial a/c you will have to use to stay cool and prevent mildew growth. So, forget about buying a new air conditioner. Find good ways of covering your windows! First, consider window film. If you don’t know what that is, you are a yankee. Window film can be purchased relatively cheaply. It is either dark or reflective coating you cut and stick on your windows to cut cooling costs by blocking out the sun. Some poor southerners will even put aluminum foil up against their windows to cut down on the sun penetrating inside. Second, get an awning. If you think awnings are just for looks, think again. The purpose of an awning is to cut down on cooling costs. Third, discover room blackening curtains. Room darkening or blackening curtains are made of this insulating material. They block the sun so well that the a/c will kick on thirty percent less often if you use these curtains. Fourth, cover your windows with shade. Plant trees or tall shrubbery so they shade your windows. All of these simple things will help you use less a/c.

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Selling Your Home Often Means Upgrading Your HVAC

My daughter is getting ready to move to another city that is about five hours away.That means she is putting her house on the market.

  • She does not want to do anything to it in order to sell it, but her realtor says she might consider getting a new HVAC system.

When it is time to sell the house is often the time when most of the work gets done to a house. That has happened to me before. I have wanted to sell my house, so I upgraded the HVAC system. Then, I painted. Then I did a complete and thorough cleaning. Then, I upgraded the windows to help reduce heating and cooling costs. After doing all that, I didn’t want to move anymore! My daughter is adamant she is only going to do what has to be done in order to sell the place, but her realtor really is saying that most buyers do not want a house with a ten year old a/c. I know what he is talking about, but technically, as long as the a/c and the furnace both turn on and turn back off, they are in working order. YOu do not have to upgrade the HVAC, obviously, but it can be a good selling feature. My daughter says the a/c she has now has been good enough for her, so it should be good enough for the buyer. I can understand both sides, and one time I bought a house that had a furnace that didn’t even work! I regretted it very little because we live in the south and rarely need a heater. But I always wanted a good a/c or I wouldn’t buy.

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Our busted wifi thermostat

My children are honestly just love me, then i never thought that I could say that with such ire in our voice, however it’s tplot – and they also scheme, plot and make hilariously exhausting plans to act out of line.

I’ve watched our 2 gentlemen walk outside with bottle rockets taped to a set of skates, and acted love they weren’t up to anything suspicious! Of all the things our several youngsters have done, the most mischievous was their incident with our control unit, then see, the digital control component I had on our living room wall was a smart piece of technology.

It would track your preferences for heating and cooling throughout the year, and build a running schedule based on those preferences; Plus, it can help you cut your energy bills by only running when you’re home! Needless to say, it was a powerful and useful piece of unit – right up until I found it on the ground 1 day, in several pieces… Even though the air quality had suffered in our house due to the control component being disconnected, our youngsters all acted none the wiser! They actually tried to tell myself and others that they came house and saw our smart control component on the ground in pieces. I was pretty mad at first, however later in private, our husbandy and I laughed at their brazen effort to play dumb, but they were grounded for 2 weeks, of course – what else did they expect for trying to get out of causing that injure to our control unit, anyway?

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Yesterday, I saved the night at the play at our community center

My kids plus I enjoy going to see odd kinds of theater.

  • But we think the best kinds of theater are the times when they are free! It can get to be pretty extravagant to buy tickets for ourselves sometimes so we try to go to as many shows as we can at our little community theater where all the shows are legitimately cheap or completely free, then i mean, as an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C serviceman, I make a great living however we always try to save money whenever we can! Well, Last week, I saved the day in a odd way! The two of us were attending a play at our community center plus outside, the weather was legitimately heating up… The two of us could tell that something was wrong with the air conditioning system as soon as we walked in the door of the building.

The lady in charge of the play was running around freaking out plus I could tell that she was on the cellphone with her heating plus cooling contractor. I’ve seen that kind of frantic purchaser many times in our line of work… She was kneeling by the temperature control in the hallway of the building, pushing buttons plus yelling into the cellphone while gesturing wildly. I decided to go over plus see if I could help. I told her that I was an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C serviceman plus I thought she was going to hug me! She said that the a/c had gone out at the worst possible time. It was almost time for the curtain to go up plus the stage makeup was melting off of her performers in the heat! I fiddled around with the temperature control plus evaluated her air conditioning system unit. In a couple of minutes, I found the problem plus fixed it plus the show went on as planned.


Yesterday, I saved the night at the play at our community center

There are lots of ways to help with your allergy symptoms these days

He said that ever since then, the indoor air quality in the customer’s house had been much better

Years ago, if you had pollen irritations, you basically just had to suck it up and deal with it. There was medication for drastic pollen irritations, but for hayfever there genuinely wasn’t anything fantastic out on the market… Heating and Air Conditioning systems didn’t have built-in media air cleaners or the types of allergen reducing filters that the two of us have today. I have poor seasonal pollen irritations and I’m on medication almost all the time… Once in a while I even have to go and get a shot to keep myself under control! Interestingly enough, the last time the two of us had our Heating and Air Conditioning method serviced and inspected by our local heating and cooling company, I talked to the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist about my allergy complications. I just happened to be sneezing and wheezing when he was working on my a/c, and I started complaining about my pollen irritations. The Heating and Air Conditioning specialist mentioned to myself and others that a single of his other heating and cooling clients had recently had him to install a new air purification method in their house. He said that ever since then, the indoor air quality in the customer’s house had been much better. Apparently, having an media media air cleaner along with a particular type of allergen filter can genuinely help with allergy complications! Once he told myself and others that, I was super interested in having him give myself and others an quote on how much it would cost myself and others to make my house more allergy friendly. I hate taking medication, and so if I can help my indoor air quality with allergen reducing air filters and media media air cleaners, I will totally do it!



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