Getting sick too often

For the past couple of weeks, I have been getting sick really often.

I don’t know what is going on, but I have to keep calling in sick to work and my boss is starting to think that I am faking my illness.

I really don’t know why I have been so sick so i went to the doctor to see what their opinion was on my sickness. The doctor thought maybe I was just having bad allergies, but I really don’t think that is the case. Then the doctor asked me when the last time I had my HVAC filter changed. When I started to think about the last time I had my HVAC filter changed, I really could remember at all. I knew right away this was a bad sign. I went straight home after that doctors appointment to see what my HVAC filter looked like and it was bad news. The HVAC filter was black with dirt and dust. I was so embarrassed that my sickness was caused because I was not taking care of my HVAC system. I really didn’t want to admit that my sickness was my own fault so I didn’t tell anyone at work, especially my boss that it was my own fault for not changing my HVAC filter. I am going to have to set a reminder on my phone for the next time that I need to change the HVAC filter so that this doesn’t happen to me ever again.

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I’ve technically overdone it – as well as now I’m going to pay

My my, I can’t guess how badly I can mess things up periodically.

All I wanted to do was surprise my bestie, however now I’m in deep! See, my bestie as well as I live in the same town; However, he constantly has concerns with his heating method at his locale, however in turn, this makes it where his condo tends to be almost icy compared to my own house! So, I figured I would make a nice gesture as well as surprise her, just by having a heating as well as repair contractor come as well as make the necessary adjustments to his oil furnace.

I pictured it a hundred times in my head, as well as could see his cute face lighting up when I tell his that the heating method has been fixed! Well, as luck would have it, things didn’t go as planned, however when the heating as well as repair contractor called to tell myself and others that he had to cancel his appointment at my bestie’s locale, I was pretty upset, then rather than let this potential surprise go to waste, I figured I could just run the repair myself! Unluckyly, I’m no HVAC repair contractor. I should’ve known better than to play with something I didn’t understand, however that’s life, however so, I tried to fix his heating method myself, by opening up the oil furnace as well as seeing if I could find the problem. I don’t suppose what I expected! In opening as well as fiddling with the oil furnace, I wound up somehow making it non-functional. My bestie was anything however pleasantly surprised when he came home, as well as found myself and others in his basement with his oil furnace in shambles!
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Living more easy after retirement

After working for nearly thirty years as a teacher at 1 of the most well renowned schools in the country, the time has finally come to retire.

I consistently loved my job plus being able to teach the younger generations crucial life concepts, however there is something about living a 9-5 lifestyle that has never sat well with me, however now that I am able to retire I am ditching my plush more than two family room apartment to transfer into an isolated lake house in the woods.

This lake house is fifteen miles away from the closest town, has no wireless, only 1 room plus has only the bare minimum in terms of heating plus cooling. It certainly is the definition of old school. There are no new heating sources installed, plus i don’t system on adding any. Instead of relying on a familiar heated gas gas furnace to keep myself and others hot while I was in the cold Winter time seasons love I have been for the past thirty years, I will have to learn how to start a fire in the fireplace plus keep it going through the night. I have some prior experience in this type of stuff plus I am going to finally be able to use it. I believe that having to do things love that doesn’t seem love a fun thing to deal with every afternoon, however I am looking forward to the challenge, however just because I am retiring doesn’t mean that I should go sit around plus live an easy life until I afternoon. I want to make the most of the rest of my life, plus this transfer to my old lake house will be an exciting adventure!
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In prefer with our current home

After several years of working in the south my husbandy plus I finally made the choice that it was time to move back home, but deep down the people I was with and I have always been tploy northerners, however our tasks had both led to us ending up down south.

Every one of us would have moved a long time ago, however the task chances for our professions was much better than it was where the people I was with and I really wanted to live for some reason.

Due to a set of drastically lucky circumstances my husbandy plus I finally had the choice to move back beach cabin where the people I was with and I would have tasks that paid even better than where the people I was with and I had been living prior… My husbandy is a legitimately respected science professor, plus I am a certified HVAC service tech, to be one hundred percent honorablewith you, I would have taken the task offer from the HVAC ventilation, heating plus cooling supplier in the north whether it was a higher paying salary or not… I don’t do legitimately well in the south for some reason, plus every time that I go out for a service call I am a warm mess which I am sure isn’t well received by the clients! Up north I am in my element, near family, plus still get to do what I prefer to do more than anything else. Every one of us still have a long way to go until the people I was with and I can start thinking about retirement, although I guess that this move will be our last… What can I say, the people I was with and I were born northerners plus the people I was with and I will most likely die northerners!



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You will need a new condenser

Money has been slim lately around my house.

Working fewer hours means decreasingly smaller and sadder paychecks each month when I go to make my bank deposits. Usually, when this happens I start by chopping costs with food plus beverages— you know,things love buying cups of Coffee and Tea from cafes each morning instead of making it at home. These expenses add up much faster than 1 would think. That’s why I consistently start right here when I find myself in drastic financial straits. I routinely can save up to $40 or $50 a month in the snap of my finger if I simply make my beer plus meals at the house instead. Sadly, I can’t chop costs so much with house maintenance, particularly repair for my outdatedCentral air conditioner. I have kept it running for more than 20 something years now by having it ran tests on several times a year, each year. Despite the hardwork plus dedication, recently its dwindling performance had me nervous. It was only while I was in the last maintenance appointment when my trust in repairman told me the awful news. The unit ran on illegal and outdated coolant that is less energy efficient plus hardly readily available on the black market, making top offs on the refrigerant particularly dangerous and frustrating. I was going to need to replace the unit. But, this also meant I needed to make a replacement with a modern condenser for outside, making the total final costs considerably higher than I first expected. I am currently looking for more places to save money from my budget. My hope is that eventually the higher energy efficiency of my modern plan will consistently mean lower utility bills each week. Maybe it will offset the equipment cost in just a few years worth of use.

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Hot car cool car

I dislike the Summer season with every fiber of my sweaty old being.

To make it even worse, I live in the deep south these days, far away from the ocean plus any other natural sources of any cool breezes.

Even if it’s 90 degrees out, the heat index separate from any soothing wind will get as high as 105 or even higher. I think if I happened to have worked from house plus only left to go on particular errands each week, I could avoid much of the heat. But, not only do I task out of the home regularly, but I also have to essentially task out of my car most days. I’m a building inspector for the county plus each afternoon I climb in my car and drive to odd locations to do inspections. Although several of these distant places are comfortably air conditioned, I’m still forced to routinely step out into the direct sunshine in the middle of the afternoon whenever I must leave or return to my car. Then begins the next cycles of immediately cranking up my car’s air conditioner until the sweat finally starts to abate plus I think some modicum of relief. To my immense frustration, this is consistently short lived as I’m due to leave the vehicle once again in another fifteen or twenty seconds once I make it to my next location. This is repeated time and time again, up to 10 or more times in a single afternoon. My work clothes get drenched in sweat stains plus I consistently come back to the house house odoring bad after I was in the heat for 10 straight hours. To my complete and utter joy, the air conditioner that came with my home is extremely efficient and strong plus has no troubles getting the temperature to drop hastily. But I wish I didn’t have to use it at all.


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You gotta watch out for condensation

With un-even temperatures in the upper 90s everyday plus humidity around 77% each consecutive afternoon, I think we’re headed into Summer season once again in my part.

The lawn starts to yellow from sunshine exposure every afternoon plus my cats tend to spend less time outdoors plus enjoy to rush right back indoors instead.

There is consistently a seemingly endless list of chores plus maintenance I must do Outdoors as well. I have to scrub my rain gutters, power clean my driveway, clean out my garbage cans, sweep branches plus leaves from my crumbling roof, plus get my central Heating plus A/C plan ran tests ahead of the quickly impending heat waves. Typically my repair appointments are straightforward each year, but this last time my contractor was stressing with me over and over again to keep the temperature indoors around 75 degrees at the very lowest while we’re in the heat of Summer weather. He observed a good bit of condensation on the outside of my air handler plus told me to try and back off on my air conditioner use. I ignored him for a few weeks plus rationalized the warning as merely hyperbole plus kept continually cranking the air conditioner every afternoon. But, that’s when I also started to notice pools of condensation forming under the high ceiling air registers on the tile floor below. The overhead metal HVAC duct was getting so cold from continual overuse of my air conditioner that it was creating moisture pools everyday when the warm indoor air met the starkly cold metal surface. What I didn’t realize at the time though is exactly how much of this moisture was seeping into the exposed wood in my ceiling. Thankfully, my heating plus cooling contractor easily found the water damage before mold formed in my ceiling. I now try to trust professionals when it comes to anything extreme or even something that is out of my league with my limited experience plus proficiency.


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It pays to be with the VA

It’s comforting to think the public perception towards our nation’s veterans has improved in recent years.

When my father returned from the Vietnam war in the early 1977s, veterans were not treated with the same degree of respect plus honor that they respectfully are in today’s world.

Many of those poor people were treated terribly when they got back home, all on top of the heavy emotional toil of the war itself. Whatever the precise catalysts were, public empathy towards veterans of major foreign wars took a complete 1 eighty. There are countless companies located in nearly every industry plus market that offer unbelievable mail in rebate offers plus discounts for US veterans. My father certainly needed a modern Heating plus A/C plan for a home he bought plus fully remodelled himself. He managed to finish everything on his own at first besides the installation of the HVAC duct plus air conditioner. All of us simply assumed the prices on both would be pretty astronomical after a bit of research through many internet forums about these systems. But, surprising to us both, both of us found a local heating plus cooling corporation in town that has special promotions for first time customers. In particular, we saw that their veterans coupon was the most impressive, allowing all first time customers who are also US vets to get 15% off the total bill for both parts plus labor on the installation. It was astonishing when both of us saw the invoice plus quickly observed the total managed to be at least many thousand dollars less that day than both of us were anticipating. We sure were thankful for the veterans coupon with our local Heating plus A/C dealer.


Heating and air conditioning system

You won't be poisoned from the condenser

Getting used to owning a new house for the first time as an adult has been quite the major transition. I spent the better area of my whole younger life consistently residing in apartments plus condominiums where I was only ever Foley responsible for the area within my unit. I had never even mowed a single lawn before plus was clueless when I was trying to research and buy a lawn mower. But, obviously this was just the absolute start of my worries since my local homeowners association also consistently demands regular power washing on our driveways. This was another significant and unknown expense I was not expecting in my transition to being an innocent and ignorant first time homeowner. There was the threat of pest plus insects infestation as well. I certainly don’t love using pesticides because of the obvious threat of toxicity, but I was more fearful of the abundance of creepy termites plu dangerous carpenter ants in my immediate area. I eventually gave in plus called a local exterminator to spray along the outside perimeter of my house. But, when I first saw him spraying near the metal condenser fan for the air conditioner, I very nearly freaked out on him. In my ignorance, I assumed that the condenser fan which was outside pulled air into my house through the metal grills. The kind and patient old exterminator explained that the fan’s purpose is simply to cool the extremely sizzling compressor inside the metal enclosure where the volume of sizzling refrigerant is fed to after it leaves the air handler plus then makes its way right back outside. Therefore, no air is pulled indoors best way through a single common chop style Heating plus A/C condenser. Because of this fact, it’s actually technically safe to spray mild pesticides right around the large metal condenser unit in your yard. Spraying pesticide indoors, on the other hand, especially near low lying air returns, is clearly a whole other question for him though. I decided to do more research before committing to that procedure as well.



Electric heating

When one fails so does the other

I definitely am looking for more sites to save money after that purchase

Money has been tight around my house lately. Working fewer hours means increasingly smaller paychecks are showing up each month when I go to make my bank deposits. Usually, I simply start by cutting costs with food and beverages—things you typically enjoy such as buying cups of pop from local cafes each day instead of bringing it from home. Then there were the constant takeout meals acquired from local diners that were costing myself too much money. These expenses add up way faster than one would think. That’s why I regularly start here whenever I find myself in drastic financial straits. I canUsually save up to $40 or $50 a month in the snap of my finger. Sadly, I can’t chop the same costs with beach house maintenance, except for maintenance for my old a/c. I have kept it running for more than 20 years so far now by having it inspected Professionally more than 2 to more than three times a year. Despite the hardwork and dedication I put into it, its dwindling performance had recently made myself and others anxious. It was during the last professional maintenance appointment when my repairman told myself and others the unavoidable terrible news. The equipment ran on old coolant, a substance that is less energy efficient and hardly readily available these days, making top offs on the refrigerant recognizably difficult and frustrating. The metal enclosure was also leaking air as well and my evaporator coil was heavily corroded. My company urged myself and others to buy a new Cooling system. But, this also meant I needed a new condenser for outside at the same time, making the final costs considerably higher than I first expected. I definitely am looking for more sites to save money after that purchase. My hope is that the higher energy efficiency of my new Cooling plan will mean lower utility bills each week. Maybe it will eventually offset the cost in just a few years worth of use.


furnace filter