I have constantly enjoyed the early fall season! You are done with the days of scorching heat plus the humid days of the warm season. There is no snow on the ground or lots of rain… Fall just has the best weather out of all the seasons. As a young girl, I never understood how seasons altered or how the position of the earth changed the weather. All I knew was that the rays of the sunshine would come through my house. The glow would make me look ahead to the morning coming. During the warm times, I’d sneak out of bed to alter the air conditioning settings. I knew my dad disliked that the air conditioner would be on in the fall. He felt autumn plus Springtime meant no Heating plus A/C. He wanted to only have an air conditioner for the warm season plus heat in the Winter. That is just not possible in our location. I had to sneak a little cooling around him while I was in warm fall days. He always would blame my mom for decreasing the air conditioner settings. Mom was the one always feeling a bit warmer than most due to hot flashes. He would say she changed the air conditioner settings due to menopause. I am blissful she never told on me. I enjoyed having a little air conditioner while I was in the hottest portion of the morning. How much extra currency could it have cost as well? I’m sure my mother silently thanked me for the few times I snuck out to adjust the air conditioning.

It was only a battery


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The cleaner the nicer, that is what I feel anyway. I always make sure to wash up my air conditioner method as good as I can. So, why do every one of us need to keep them fresh? Both of us think that gathered dust on the filter is good enough. The air filter catches some debris, but not all. The fan blades can get tried plus sluggish with too much dust. The restricted airflow puts some stress on the fan motor. All of us also think that gross ductworks can harbor lots of nasty things. The dirty vents can pollute air quality. It can have mildew, bugs, grime plus maybe even some creatures hiding in them! Getting ductwork washing goes a long way. Why does the air conditioning component seem to run nicer when it is freshly cleaned? Dirt plus grime on the inner coils makes everything work worse. The harder the air conditioner device operates, the more it costs to operate. Cleaning the inner tubes removes that dirty layer plus allows the air conditioning component to operate more effectively. And that saves you currency. The air conditioner method is also less likely to overheat. When the air conditioner overheats, parts get burned out. Now you need to consider the cost for a cooling repair. The cooling service won’t come cheap at all. Staying on it with proper cleanings ensure no to little cooling repairs. Service on an air conditioner is just not too much. It is worth spending a little to receive a lot of ways down the road.

Hiding my a/c use

Duct sealing

The hotel was cheap and the a/c reflected that

I’m constantly searching for a great deal.

I saw an ad for free tickets to the local water park! The only stipulation was that I attend a timeshare meeting plus then every one of us get the tickets. I packed up my family and on we went. The road trip was pretty great. The whole family was in the car as a group. I had selected a hotel room for a cost that seemed unbelievable at the time. I thought I just had some amazing fortune for us. After every one of us arrived at the hotel, the reason for the low price became clear. The room reeked of cigarettes, the bed linens were disgusting, plus some unsavory men were lurking on the premises. Both of us found another spot at about double the cost. I decided that every one of us could rough it for one evening. The hotel room was so cheap plus our water park tickets would be cheap. The trip was going to cost me hardly nothing. The hotel room was a problem. I should have just sprung for a better room. The air conditioner device was awful. I tried to adjust the controls. It promptly fell off in my hand. The night manager arrived to repair the issue but he could not do anything about a loose control knob. The air conditioner made a horrible shaking noise all night too. The constant on plus off of the cooling method kept us all awake for most of the evening. I then dropped the family off at the waterpark. I figured it was worth buying the tickets rather than do the timeshare meeting. I was not going to do anything horrible the next morning after that night.

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Losing the machine

The wet air quality also kept it very cool in the house

Climate change is a buzzword. All of us all understand that temperature changes from time to time. A lot of men and women don’t understand what is causing global warming. Is it caused by us or by other forces of nature? Is the planet warming or getting cold? If every one of us do nothing, are every one of us going to perish in 10 years or simply go on our merry way as always? I feel that climate is controlled by the alignment of the sun and planets, but not every one of us does. Nothing is going to change that. My kids beg to differ. They watched a few shows plus videos online. Basically everything told them that every one of us are doomed unless every one of us make the choice to go back to the cement ages before the times of fossil fuels. The children begged me to turn off the AC, crack the windows plus let the natural breeze keep us cool. The first week was quite nice. There was no sound of the air conditioner going, only the hum of the fans. The outside air was sweetened by the rain. The wet air quality also kept it very cool in the house. Both of us slept well with the night sounds of bugs, plus trees rustling in the peaceful wind. I was happy at the idea of a tiny electric bill plus the kids felt great over their efforts to save the planet! By about 4:00 p.m. the next morning it was around 90 degrees.
Air conditioning repair

Almost failed a thermostat install

My brother Bobby plus my father are the skilled people in the family.

So dad makes tools plus can work on any car, home appliance or home issue.

Bobby can repair anything. Bobby went off to study mechanical engineering. He then left a mechanically inept me to take his place for helping our father out with home repairs, so spending a perfectly great Friday morning hunched over an oily engine changing out a head gasket bored me to tears. I can still see the look of disappointment on my father’s face because I handed him the wrong tools. And worse yet is that my younger brother had inherited our father’s mechanical eye plus soon took over my requirements. That was fine by me. I am much happier on a tablet or in the kitchen. I just don’t have the mental skills of fixing a Heating plus A/C component. I somehow made it through life separate from any mechanical duties. I learned to change a tire plus string Christmas lights around the house, but one morning I felt empowered for some weird idea plus decided to update a temperature control that worked with the Heating plus air conditioning for the home office. The hardware store person, who looked a lot like dad, assured me that the updatement temperature control I bought was easy to set up. The guy even sold me the right tools to do the job. At home, I had a heck of a time doing it however. I wanted to call any other man to do it.

space heater

Getting by with inferior HVAC

I was raised in the east.

My mother and father went through a depression plus they did not have any air cooling.

So I then grew up with no air cooling. For a furnace, every one of us had a coal-fired furnace. I remember as a little kid watching the immense dump truck unload a ton of coal into our house, he would dump down into the coal chute. I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. My mama hated that dust would fly around in the home for days afterward; But, with the up-to-date coal, the apartment would be quite warm. My first encounter with a central air conditioning plan came as a young man at a friend’s house; The AC device fired up while I was resting underneath a ceiling ductwork. The noise was one that I had never heard before. The sound made me freak out plus I can still see the smirk on my friend’s faces. They were grinning at my ignorance of up-to-date new conveniences. My mom and dad finally did convert to an electric heating style. Then let me have a few window air conditioning units in selected rooms; Even with the air conditioner, it was still horrible during the warm warm seasons. I eventually moved to a warmer area in the south plus purchased my first central Heating plus A/C device. It was no longer a convenience but a need with the humid eatern June-like weather for most of the year. Honestly, I did not think too much about Heating plus air conditioning devices, and after using the central Heating plus A/C for a few months though, I enjoyed it.


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Replacing roof trims heating and cooling costs

When we bought our house, we understood that there were some problems with the roof.

We got by with making small patches for as long as possible.

Whenever there was heavy rains, we’d need to place containers on the floor to catch the drips. After any type of high winds, I’d find tons of stray shingles scattered across the lawn. Eventually, we couldn’t put off the project anymore. The roof was so old and had been repaired so many times that we needed to rip the whole thing off and start from scratch. It was a long, messy and expensive project. For several weeks, we had roofing contractors trampling the gardens, setting up scaffolding and climbing all over the house. The job was completed in the middle of July, when the outside temperature was in the upper eighties with high humidity. It simply wasn’t feasible to run the air conditioner when our roof was missing. We lived with heat, humidity, bugs and dirt and were very anxious for the job to be done. When I was finally able to start up the air conditioner, I expected it would take a very long time for it to bring the house down to a comfortable level. I was extremely surprised by how quickly the air conditioner achieved the thermostat setting. Since replacing the roof, my energy bills have been twenty percent lower all year round. The furnace and air conditioner don’t need to run as long, work as hard or use as much energy. They’re able to maintain a more consistent temperature. The savings on my heating and cooling costs is helping to recover the expense of replacing the roof.


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Taking energy saving measures to reduce heating and cooling costs

The summer seasons in my local area are typically hot and terribly humid.

The winters bring temperatures well below zero, bitter wind chill and tons of snow.

The spring and fall seasons are typically windy, wet and chilly. Because of the local weather, temperature control is a challenge all year round. I spend a fortune on heating and cooling bills. I’ve invested into a top-of-the-line natural gas furnace and central air conditioner to ensure efficient operation. These state-of-the-art systems feature variable-speed blowers that adapt capacity to the changing needs of the home. By providing only the precise amount of heating or cooling required at any given time, the system optimizes both comfort and energy savings. I make sure to change air filters every month and schedule professional maintenance for the equipment every year. Despite this, I’m not happy with what I’m spending on utility bills. I’ve done some research and looked into various energy saving measures. There’s quite a few improvements I’ve been able to make without spending much money. I bought a tube of caulk and sealed around the windows. I added weatherstripped to the bottom of exterior doors. I spent a weekend insulating the attic and have installed ceiling fans in many of the rooms. I’ve learned that I need to shut the drapes during the middle of the day in the summer to prevent the sunshine from heating up the house. I do the opposite in the winter, hoping to take advantage of the free heat provided by the sun. I just recently had a whole-home humidifier installed to increase winter comfort and allow for lower thermostat settings.



furnace/heater tune-up

Home office gets HVAC it deserves

The transition from a nice, corner office with impeccable HVAC comfort and all the amenities to a former guest room has been considerably intense.

I imagine much of that has to do with the beating my ego just took not too many months ago.

After decades of successfully navigating the corporate world, I was caught completely off guard by a random turn of events. One afternoon, I went to a weekly meeting but was asked to stay behind after the meeting was concluded. The fact that the new, big boss was there should have tipped me off. I was out of that sweet HVAC maintained office and out of the job that went with it. No, lateral move offered; just a minimal severance and a box with my stuff in it. Shock doesn’t begin to describe my feelings on the afternoon. It took me a few weeks to even want to get up to shower and shave. I had no idea what came next and I still had a decade or more of earning to do. Finally, with the support of my wife, I got my feet under me and started looking for work as an independent consultant. I was happy to be able to get almost immediate revenue. But, I wasn’t too happy with the guest room I was working out of. So, I took some of that severance and put in a dedicated ductless HVAC unit for just my new office. That was a big step toward getting on with it. Now, I almost like my home office better than my old one. However, I do miss that corner office view. You just can’t beat that.


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