Air purifier rescues indoor air

You know you have a problem when you’d rather stay late in the zone controlled HVAC of the office than face the HVAC at home.

  • And honestly, it has nothing to do with the HVAC equipment.

The heating and cooling equipment is in great shape and the latest in residential HVAC. No the problem is the air going through the HVAC system. That air is so stinky that I’d rather stay late and work than deal with that poor indoor air quality. My wife and I were just sort of at our limits with the indoor air odor before we finally went to the HVAC company about it. And really, how stupid not to have thought of going to indoor air experts like HVAC professionals in the first place. Thankfully, we finally found the solution thanks to those HVAC air professionals. But prior to getting to the HVAC company, we tried everything to combat the indoor air odors. All the pets, the kids, the cooking, all of it just made a terrible indoor odor soup. We tried everything from candles to air fresheners and nothing really worked. You might get a few minutes of perfumed air. Then, it stunk again. Now, with the whole home air purification system, our air is fresher and cleaner than I thought was even possible. I can’t thank the HVAC company enough for turning us onto this sort of air purifier. We don’t have to do a thing as it works inside the HVAC equipment. No filters to clean or anything. Just great indoor air quality.


Air purifier rescues indoor air

HVAC replacement process was a breeze

I just hate when stuff breaks and everything immediately gets stuff all jacked up.

And that’s exactly what happened when we experienced our first heating and cooling breakdown.

Of course, that first HVAC headache came in the middle of the summer when we needed the HVAC cooling the most. Thankfully, we have a great HVAC company who came to the rescue. The HVAC technician was able to get everything going again but it also came with some not so great news. The HVAC equipment probably wouldn’t make it all that much longer. And since it’s been around for 22 years, that sort of made some sense to me. But I sure as heck wasn’t going through this sort of thing again. Talk about flip out. My family was like abandon ship, we’re going to a hotel. I got everyone to pump the brakes on that a bit. Wow, how soft are we? Maybe we have to go a day without HVAC cooling? That was sort of a difficult perspective to suddenly become aware of. I just didn’t realize that we were so totally dependent on perfect HVAC cooling that we couldn’t all just hang on til the dang thing was fixed. No, I brought out all the fans and went to buy an extra. We were hot but we were fine as well. I tell you what though, I started pushing the thermostat more toward the higher numbers given how we reacted to the breakdown. Anyway, the HVAC company made replacing the HVAC equipment so easy. They were great and the process from choosing the new HVAC to installation was seamless.


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Getting a house with good HVAC took getting creative

Whoever said necessity is the mother of invention wasn’t kidding.

True words indeed.

For me, if I wanted to stop paying rent for poor heating and cooling, loud neighbors and cramped quarters, I had to get creative. When I was in college, I made a conscious decision to follow my passion and not a paycheck. But still, I thought I’d be able to afford a house! That’s not the way it turned out. After spending almost a decade in apartments with weak HVAC, I wanted to have my own place with my own HVAC equipment. That was going to take some creativity for sure. But after I saw a segment on people owning homes together, I knew just what I needed to do. Two couple friends of mine and me bought a big house together. This way we are all part owners with our own equity stakes. Finally, I was going to get that great HVAC comfort, privacy and build equity instead of just renting. As far as the HVAC comfort went, we definitely had to address that as the old HVAC unit was pretty much shot. So we had the HVAC company come out and install a ductless multi split heating and cooling system. This way, each floor of separate living space would have their own HVAC. With the ductless multi split system, we could each dial in our own heating and cooling comfort. This whole thing has worked out just so well. I’m so glad to be in my own place with my own HVAC. Plus, it’s kind of cool to own something with such good people. If you’re going to have neighbors, make them your best buds.


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Adding on to house comes with ductless HVAC

Since the current HVAC equipment couldn’t handle the additional air volume of the new master suite, we had a ductless mini split installed

So we simply ran out of house. This was something we sort of thought might happen when we first bought this house. Our kids were really little when we bought this house. So the two boys started out sharing a room. My wife and I weren’t sure that this would last but this was as much house as we could afford back then. So when the boys got to be around middle school age, there wasn’t enough HVAC cooling in the world to cool off those boys fighting. It was just a constant situation with one brother going after the other. We finally realized that we simply had to get them their own rooms. We even considered upgrading the kitchen and the HVAC equipment and selling the house. But that seemed a bit chancey. While the new HVAC equipment would add value as would the kitchen, could we afford a bigger place? The more we looked into it, the more it made sense to simply add on to the house that we have. Instead of building a new room for one of the boys, we chose to add on a master suite for us. Wow, did this ever workout for the best. Our daughter got our old bedroom and we were able to separate the boys. It was like an instant defusing of what had been an intolerable situation. But the new addition was just a haven for my wife and I. Plus, it came with its own heating and cooling. Since the current HVAC equipment couldn’t handle the additional air volume of the new master suite, we had a ductless mini split installed. This thing is awesome and the heating and cooling comfort is just superior.

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Getting that HVAC maintenance just in time

Man, I really almost waited too late this time.

  • For sure, I’m signing up for the HVAC service plan so this doesn’t happen again.

Yet another fall slipped right by me without me calling for the heating maintenance from the HVAC company. And by the time I remembered, we had to wait for an appointment. That meant that I had to have the gas furnace running for a while without the heating maintenance being done and I really don’t like doing that. I really prefer to have the HVAC technician take a look at the gas furnace and do all the HVAC maintenance prior to me even flipping on the gas furnace. Yet, I’ve just had such a hard time remembering to call the HVAC company. And that’s fully on me. My wife has plenty on her plate when it comes to primary household responsibilities. We both pitch in on the cleaning, laundry, cooking and getting the kids where they need to me. But it’s my responsibility to take care of all the heating and cooling stuff. That means, I’m the one who changes the HVAC air filters. I’m also the one who is supposed to get the HVAC maintenance done in the fall and again in the spring for the air conditioner. Again, I’m simply going to turn that all over to the HVAC company now. With the HVAC service plan, they schedule the HVAC maintenance and I simply confirm online. This way, the HVAC maintenance is getting done and done when it needs to get done. No more forgetting and all that.

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HVAC completes the man cave

I can remember my dad and the rec room.

We called it the rec room but it was really my dad’s spot.

Sure there was a ping pong table in there for us kids but the rest of the place was all the old man. He had an old school TV hung up in a corner. There was a bar and a pool table. A poker table, a couch and a couple of recliners rounded out the rec room. Yet it was still the basement and there was hardly any heating and cooling. Dad cured that in the winter with a couple of space heaters. And in the summer, he dragged in these giant fans. I don’t think he really even cared about the heating and cooling in that spot. He just wanted a place where him and his buddies could watch the game or where he could host poker night when it was his turn. So dad would be pretty impressed with my man cave. I finally broke down and made this spot of my own in our basement. My family is awesome but with 3 teen girls, I sort of need my own space as well. But I went one step further than dad thanks to HVAC technology. I have a ductless heat pump in my man cave that gives pure heating and cooling no matter the season. I love this spot and I really love the ductless mini split the HVAC company installed. Not only do I now have a place to sort of slide off to be alone, it has heating and cooling that’s as comfortable as the rest of the house.


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Smart thermostat shuts down thermostat abuse

I’ve pleaded.

I really don’t ask a ton from my family. In fact, I do a lot to make sure that I’m not asking too much from our household. But, I do have a few ground rules that I like to follow and I appreciate my family joining in. Yet, when it comes to the HVAC equipment, my family was always disregarding my requests to leave the thermostat alone. We have a lovely house and I’m thankful to be so fortunate that my wife and I can provide this sort of place. It’s got all the amenities to make everyone nicely comfortable. And that also goes for the heating and cooling. Our HVAC equipment is the latest in residential HVAC. The SEER rating is just about the highest on the market. A SEER rating is the measure of efficiency for HVAC equipment. We wanted to make sure that we were conserving as much resources as we could with our choice of HVAC equipment. However, the SEER rating doesn’t matter as much if the thermostat is always being shoved all over the place for really no reason. It’s like the kids will come in from being outside and just crank the air conditioning. Or my wife will be at home in the winter and instead of throwing on a sweater, she blasts the gas furnace to a subtropical level. I’ve asked. I’ve pleaded. But no more thermostat yanking. I called the HVAC company and they just installed a smart thermostat. It comes with a really nice feature which can lock out manual thermostat adjustment. Guess who is the only one with the code for the smart thermostat setting?

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HVAC unit helps with indoor air quality

The more I learn, the more I’m often amazed at what I don’t know.

Like how the heck did indoor air quality get by me? Did everyone know all about this and how the HVAC equipment effects indoor air quality? If so, I sure missed that lecture or memo.

For one thing, I really didn’t even consider whether or not the indoor air was good or not. I was sort of under that impression that all indoor air was good. Outdoor city air was what was polluted. And I live in a rural area with fresh, clean air. What I didn’t realize was that there is just so much stuff inside our homes that release airborne contaminants into our home. Plus, throw in all the allergens from pets and pollen and you’re making a case for poor indoor air quality even out in the country. This is what I apparently missed. But I also missed out on the fact that indoor air quality is such an important factor in maintaining our health. I didn’t realize that the air we breathe inside our home has a lot to do with respiratory health and immune strength. So now I know. And I made some moves pretty quickly to shore up the indoor air quality. That’s the nice part about all of this, it didn’t take a Herculean effort to improve the indoor air quality. All I had to do was make a trip to the hardware store. There, I bought several HEPA filters to replace the cheap paper HVAC air filters I’ve been using for years. These HEPA filters remove over 99 percent of airborne contaminants. So now, I have much better indoor air quality.


HVAC unit helps with indoor air quality

I’m picking up a bunch of HVAC filters

It’s that time of year again and I can tell this as soon as I walk in the door to my house.

The entire place smells so incredibly wonderful as soon as I open the door and then you walk in and are welcomed to nothing but candlelight.

It’s quite a scene really. And the fact that this is just about every night from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, makes for a whole lot of candle burning. This is also my cue to pick up a box of HVAC air filters. The HVAC air filters are important because all of the burnt candle wax has to go somewhere. And where it goes is right to the HVAC return. That’s where it then lands on the HVAC air filter. The basic HVAC air filter is designed to remove particles going into the HVAC return that could harm the HVAC equipment. There are other air filters like the HEPA filter that do more than that. The HEPA filter traps and removes more than 99 percent of all airborne contaminants. We use a HEPA filter most of the year in order to have the good indoor air quality that we rely upon. That said, this time of year is not the time for a HEPA filter. This is the time of year I get the cheaper air filters because of all that candle wax. It gets sucked to the HVAC return where it literally slicks over the air filter. I have to change those cheap air filters almost weekly just to keep optimum air flow going to the HVAC unit.

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Hard to get over how great the new HVAC is

Had I known that the new HVAC unit would be so great, I might have gotten rid of the old one sooner.

It’s just unbelievable what this new HVAC equipment is doing when it comes to heating and cooling our home.

This thing beats any other heating and cooling experience I’ve ever known. For sure, I’m no longer worrying so much about whether or not we went too far with the new HVAC unit. But when we were first told that the old HVAC was failing, we sat back a minute to decide just what we wanted to do as far as replacing it. The facts were that replacing the HVAC equipment sort of might be the tipping point for whether or not we stayed in our home. Our house is fairly large as we raised four kids here. But the last one is going to graduate from college and already has a job lined up. So, it really doesn’t make sense to continue heating and cooling all this house for just the two of us. That’s why we wanted to think our way through the HVAC replacement. We talked to a realtor about our thoughts. She was great and heavily recommended talking with the HVAC company about going heavy on HVAC technology. Prospective buyers in this market are really looking for the latest when it comes to residential HVAC. So if we were even considering selling the house, we needed to make sure the new HVAC equipment was excellent. Well, now that it’s all installed, I for sure can attest that this new HVAC unit is incredible.


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