The new ductless mini split changed everything for me

After I had a new ductless mini split installed in my home, I was loving life.

I honestly didn’t expect for the energy bills to be so low compared to the old HVAC system we had in our home.

Of course it made sense for a modern HVAC system to be more energy efficient, but the difference is unbelievable. I’m literally saving hundreds on the energy bills, and that’s something to be truly happy about. The other thing that I love so much is that I have customized temperature control settings in different parts of the house these days, including my home office. In the past, it wasn’t nearly as comfortable, especially in the office space. I believe there was something wrong with the ductwork, like it needed a thorough ductwork cleaning through the professionals or maybe even needed to be resealed. I wasn’t really sure, but I knew it was going to cost a great deal of money to have the ductwork system repaired. Going with the ductless mini split was the best option that was presented to me and I wasn’t able to pass on such a great option. I love that I can basically crank the A/C system in my office space without affecting the rest of the house. If my family members don’t like the ice-cold settings that I enjoy, they don’t need to come into my office environment. Of course my daughter really loves the A/C as much as I do and often she’ll come to talk to me about things or get help with her homework; whatever excuse she can come up with to enjoy the ice-cold A/C with me.

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I noticed the issues with the HVAC system when I started working from home

I didn’t know what I was going to do when we first had to work from home when the pandemic came around.

  • I didn’t have a home office or anything, only a guest bedroom.

I told my wife that to make this transition work, I was going to need to convert that guest bedroom into an office space. She said that was fine since we wouldn’t be expecting company for a long time anyway. We didn’t know what to expect with how everything was going. When I first started working in my new office, I learned pretty fast that it was not very comfortable there. I wondered for a moment how our guests felt when they would come over to stay the night in that room. It was so stuffy in there and it seemed like there was no HVAC treated air coming from the HVAC vents. I decided to call up the HVAC company to see what could be done. When the HVAC professional looked at everything, he found the main issue was with the ductwork system. There were all kinds of leaks in the system and I honestly had no clue about any of that. He said it was going to be terribly expensive to have the ductwork system fixed and I wasn’t feeling too good about that. He said there was a good option though and that was to upgrade to a ductless mini split. He said I wouldn’t have to worry about fixing the ductwork with this type of upgrade, and it wasn’t too overpriced. I decided to have the ductless mini split installed with numerous zones, and it’s the best choice I have ever made. The house is so much more comfortable, especially in my office and even the air quality is better! Don’t even get me started with the low energy bills.

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The boss finally decided to go with my idea

For the longest time, people at the office have been fighting over the temperature control settings.

I kept telling the boss that they should invest in a proper zoned HVAC system.

I told him the details and how the office space could be divided into different zones with their own thermostats. I told him how everybody would be more comfortable and would probably work harder than before because they wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable. The boss always said he would consider it, but he never put the plan into action until recently. I was actually surprised because I never thought he would go for it. He ended up telling me that the HVAC system was on its last legs and he might as well go for the upgrade. He said when he was speaking with the HVAC professionals, he thought about me always suggesting the HVAC zone control upgrade, and he asked the HVAC professionals about it. They were actually having a special on HVAC zone control upgrades and so he chose to invest in that. Now we have the ideal HVAC system and everybody seems so much happier now, just as I predicted. I don’t know that everybody works harder, but employee morale is at an all time high and I don’t see people fighting nearly as much. For the simple fact that there is less fighting and more work, I know that the boss is really pleased with the choice for the HVAC upgrade. He was even talking about promoting me soon because he sees a lot of potential in me.

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It was a hard choice to move my family to a new location

It was not very easy when I chose to move my family to a new place.

We had to leave behind all our friends and the people we have known forever.

There is a bar that I regularly frequented over the years. All the people there are practically like family to me. I even helped the owner of the bar install a new ductless mini split which now provides HVAC zone control in the joint and people really appreciate that. There was a time when people would argue about the temperature control settings, but now if you want to be comfortable, just go to the side of the bar that feels best. Everybody was trying to talk me into not moving to another place and that I should just live there until the day I die. As nice as I felt that might be, I wanted to move to a place where the schools were better for the little ones and we didn’t have to worry about all the crime that was sweeping across the community, especially after the police department was defunded. We are actually enjoying our new area now, but every so often I make sure to visit my hometown and I always stop by the bar. They treat me like a celebrity these days because they don’t see me nearly as often and I was always popular with everybody there. Sometimes they even offer drinks in the house and that’s an enjoyable thing. The last time I went to visit the bar, I was surprised because they have a new fireplace in there, it’s so fantastic!


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Our son seemed more interested in what the HVAC pro was doing

When our son was asking us what we thought he should do for community service, I said he might want to consider going to the police station to help out there.

  • I said how they always needed help at the police station with all the crimes that are happening all the time.

Our son seemed worried like he might get in trouble or might have to deal with some scary criminals. I ended up taking him to a local police station and we discussed the fact that he needed to get so many hours of community service. The officer said that he definitely made the right choice. He even asked our son if he was thinking about getting into law enforcement and our son said he wasn’t really sure. Then our son said something about the temperature control settings not being very comfortable. The policeman frowned and mentioned that they had an HVAC professional coming out to fix the cooling system. When the HVAC professional arrived, our son was excited and started asking him questions about his work. When he mentioned his community service, he said he could always volunteer at the HVAC shop and the HVAC professional gave him his business card. Our son was bored at the police station because they had him doing basic police filing work. When he went to the HVAC shop, they got him on the phone talking with people about energy saving tips and scheduling HVAC repairs and maintenance. I think our son possibly might become an HVAC pro one of these days.

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Our son wanted to go watch an orchestra play music

Since our son got into music, he expressed interest in going to an orchestra.

I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea, but I told my family members to wear something warm because sometimes they crank the A/C system a great deal at these events. Well, when we got to the orchestra, it was the opposite of what I was thinking. I thought it was going to be extremely chilly, but instead it was severely overheated. It seemed as though the A/C system wasn’t even working, but we still tried to focus on the music. It was entirely uncomfortable and I even had to go outside a few times because to me it felt cooler outside in the warm weather, which was saying a lot. I actually wondered how the people in the orchestra were able to perform under these conditions. Towards the end, I saw a few HVAC technicians walk to a certain area, I guess to get the A/C system working again. Before everything was eventually over, that’s when the A/C started flowing and the place started to cool down. I just wished that they would have resolved the issue with the A/C system before we even got there. I felt pretty stupid there with my coat and my family all had warm clothing too and that just made things worse. I hope that my son doesn’t mind going to see the orchestra in the near future. I’m sure we will need our coats next time though unless we go in the winter when they need to crank the heating system.


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Can’t wait to find a nice house on the beach

It wasn’t very long ago when I finally was able to get a settlement for the car accident I was in.

The settlement was a lot bigger than I imagined and suddenly I had plenty of cash with these settlement checks.

I mean, the car accident was a nightmare and it’s something I would never want to go through again or wish upon anybody else for that matter. The trucker who pushed me off the road was apparently trying to adjust the temperature control settings and wasn’t paying close attention to the fact that another driver was in the lane next to him. I could have died on that day, but thankfully the hospital wasn’t too far away and I was able to get the lifesaving treatment that I needed. I wasn’t even thinking about suing the trucking company at first, but everybody said I had to do that. It was such a stressful lawsuit but it certainly paid off for my injuries. I haven’t been able to get around as easily as I used to and I guess that’s something I will have to live with, but it could be worse. Now I’m considering moving to a new location. I have always wanted a nice home on the beach and I might just go for something like that. Of course, whatever I get, I want to have the fanciest HVAC system around. I want a powerful air purification system with a UV light, as I’ve heard those are great for getting rid of dangerous pathogens. I also want sensors around the home so that the temperature control settings will adjust automatically when I move to different rooms in my new home. It’s exciting to think about it all and I can’t wait to go house shopping.


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I was worried about my uncle freezing during the cold weather

I spent a lot of time in my life relaxing with my uncle on the benches at the park.

For the most part he had a favorite bench he loved relaxing on where he was able to feed the birds and enjoy the views of the park.

He spoke to countless people there at the park and he also enjoyed playing chess with some of the other old timers. Well, something that always bothered me was that he would even be out there when it was colder than ever. I asked him if he felt like he was freezing to death out there and he said he got used to the weather over the years. Still, I could see him shivering at times and I just felt so bad. I was thinking it would be great if he had a nice heating system out there. Of course it would be great if he relaxed in a place that had climate control, but that obviously was never going to happen. Eventually I found a pretty cool gift that was actually a heating system designed for a regular winter coat. The heating system consisted of dual heaters that fit easily in the inner pockets of a quality winter coat and would easily heat the inside of his coat for perfect warmth! When I got him these heater inserts for his coat, he thought I was crazy at first. I showed him how to use the temperature control settings and said these heaters lasted 8 hours off a single charge. He was impressed by that and said he would give them a shot. Now he can’t stop talking about how warm he is when it’s frosty outside thanks to his heater inserts!


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My cat hurt himself when he was outside

He did this to me all the time and I was getting sick of it because everytime I had to open the door, there would be a frosty chill in the house for a little while.

I was always hesitant about letting my cat outside. I thought he might get himself hurt or killed, but he always tried getting out and eventually I just let him. He seemed to be the happiest cat in the world when he was out there. He had a lot of relatively safe places he could run off to so he could explore, but I was worried about him getting into the main road. I have seen plenty of dead cats in the road and it’s something that is truly heartbreaking. To my surprise, he stayed clear of the road. I honestly think he was afraid of all the cars that would pass by and that’s a good instinct to have! Well, everything was going fine for quite some time. I laughed when it would be frosty out and the cat would be clawing at the backdoor for me to let him in. He wanted to get back inside and relax next to the fireplace with me where the heating was cozy and wonderful. I can’t say that I was shocked when the cat would want to go right back outside after warming up next to the fireplace. He did this to me all the time and I was getting sick of it because everytime I had to open the door, there would be a frosty chill in the house for a little while. I was devastated recently though when he came back out of the cold and he couldn’t walk very well. I took him to the animal hospital and he had a fracture. Had to put a cast on his leg and he hasn’t been allowed to go outside, at least not until his leg is healed. Now he just relaxes with me next to the fireplace while we watch shows.
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Never thought I’d win a bet at the horse racetrack

It was just last weekend when my buddies suggested we all go to the horse racetrack to do a little betting and see if we could get lucky. I didn’t think it was a good idea at first, there were numerous other things I’d rather spend my money on like a new ductless mini split. My buddies laughed and said if I won, I could buy ten new ductless mini splits. Of course I asked why I would need so many HVAC systems and they laughed and told me I could sell them for big money. My friends are crazy, but I went with them to the horse racetrack. I didn’t know anything about horse racing, but I enjoyed the temperature control settings in the area where we were placing our bets. It was kind of a hot day so I wished I could relax in the A/C for longer, but we had to watch the races! Well, I was stunned when everybody started freaking out saying that those horses I picked for my bet gained the lead! I thought there was no way in the world I could possibly win, but before I knew it, I was cashing out on some big money. I bought all my buddies food and drinks and we decided to celebrate that night. I was telling everybody that I wasn’t going to get a ductless mini split after all, I was going for something fancy like radiant heated floors! Everybody laughed and said they would be over at my house all the time if I decided to invest in such a cozy heating system.

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