My dad is the ultimate handyman

Ever since I was a little kid I have always been able to rely on my dad to help me out no matter what the problem was.

Back in those days I was one hundred percent certain that my dad was a superhero or something since he was always able to make my problems disappear, but now that I am an adult I know that he is just one of those people who has a gift for problem solving. Even though my dad is now approaching his mid 70’s his god given ability to solve problems has not slowed down in any way. Just few days ago while I was at my house I had a huge problem arise with my heating and cooling unit. Not only was it not working, but it was making extremely loud sounds and was really making me worried. The majority of people would instinctively call the local heating and cooling company to help them, but my first instinct was to call my dad. Of course it’s nice to save money, but it’s also still amazing for me to sit back and watch my father work his magic on another project. Once I briefed my father on the problem I was having with my heating and cooling unit he took action and showed up to my house only twenty minutes later. Not long after the heating and cooling unit was back up and running like it was when I first purchased it. I don’t know how he does it, I just hope that I can continue to learn from him.

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The best staycation ever

We spend the next week relaxing, ordering pizza, and watching our favorite movies all while enjoying the lovely air conditioning

After weeks of planning a vacation for my husband and I to celebrate our ten year anniversary we ended up having to scrap the entire plan when we had a family member fall ill. We were the only family members in the area who had the time and patience to be able to take care of them, and by the time crisis was averted the time frame for our trip had passed by. This wasn’t your run of the mill trip to the beach, either. We had planned a two week trip overseas to a country we had each wanted to visit since we were kids. Instead of sulking around and feeling sorry for ourselves for missing out on the overseas trip, my husband and I decided to have a staycation. We ended up renting an amazing airbnb in town that was so fancy and had such a modern design it looked as if it was from the future! Along with the modern design the airbnb also had an industrial grade air conditioning system which was a very welcome surprise. For the last few weeks while we were taking care of our family member we had to spend a couple of days over at their house, a house that had no air conditioning whatsoever. We spend the next week relaxing, ordering pizza, and watching our favorite movies all while enjoying the lovely air conditioning. This staycation obviously doesn’t compare to what our two week trip overseas would have been, but at least we were able to make the most out of a bad situation.

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Stuck with no AC for the day

Now that the summer season has arrived I am starting to regret where I chose to live for the summer. As the school season ended I had the option of either moving back home to spend some quality time with my family and friends from home for the next two months, or I could stay living on campus where I would be able to work and live with my college friends. Eventually I decided to stick around on campus for the summer, and the thing that I failed to realize prior to making this decision was how much more comfortable my house is during the summer compared to my dorm room. In my house back at home there is a state of the art air conditioning unit thanks to my father who owns a ventilation, heating and cooling company. Because of this luxury the house was always cooled off and no matter what I did during the day I was able to head home to relax and escape the heat for at least a couple of hours. Back on campus however, the air conditioning unit installed in the dorm rooms are extremely low quality and I simply can’t rely on them to keep me cooled off during the summer. Now I am finding myself spending time at the library more often just to take full advantage of the AC. There is no doubt I wish that I was back home this summer, but at least I know what choice to make next summer about where to live. No matter what the situation is, I’m not sticking around here!


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Too much AC to handle

The other day when I was at my friends house I was starting to feel so cold that my teeth were starting to chatter and there was nothing I could do to warm myself up..

I asked my buddy why in the world was it so damn cold in his house and if his heated gas furnace wasn’t working at the moment, but he simply said no and was talking to me as if I was the one acting strange.

Originally I had been planning to spend the majority of my day with my friend, but eventually I got far too cold and decided to head home where I knew that my radiant flooring would keep me nice and warm. Once I arrived back home however, I realized that I was still freezing my rear end off for some reason! I had an HVAC repair tech come out to double check to see if everything was in working order, and it all was. It turned out that the real reason behind the cold was me. I was so cold and worried that the heating around me wasn’t working that I failed to realize that I had the flu and was experienced some very intense symptoms that were going to keep me feeling cold regardless of where I was. Once I finally realized how sick I was I finally got some much needed rest. It’s never fun being sick and miserable, but at least I know that my friend isn’t crazy for keeping his house freezing and that my radiant floors are still working!



I need to buy a bigger house

For several years now I have had a ritual of listening to a radio show on my way to work and on my way home.

I love the music that they play and I am a big fan of the conversations they will have from time to time, but the thing that I always liked the most about this radio show was the giveaways they were always doing. Every week this show would give away an amazing item from a local business to a lucky listener, and last week I was finally that lucky listener! I ended up getting something that I had been needing for a very long time but didn’t have the money for, a state of the art air conditioning unit. Once I had my brand new air conditioning unit installed in my apartment I thought that everything was going to be fine and dandy, but once I had the unit running for a few hours it was so damn cold in my apartment that it felt like the winter. I came to find out from the local heating and cooling company that installed the unit that the AC unit I had won was designed to cool down large houses, and there was nothing they could do to lower the power of the unit without just getting rid of it. Now I am in a bit of a predicament in what my next steps should be. Sure I could sell the unit and make a good profit, but I know I will regret this in a few years when I buy a house of my own. Who would have guessed that such a lucky event would bring so much stress!



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Too many people is making the AC useless

Yesterday, my roommate and I threw a party that ended up going south.

We just moved into this home a few days ago and were looking to show it off to some of our family and friends and show them how well we were doing.

After sitting down together in our new home we compiled a list of people to invite and things to get for the part. The small started to grow as we continued thinking about it, and not long after the list of people we were inviting was massive. Looking back on it now it is clear that we bit off more than we could chew, but at the time we thought that it would be fine. We had plenty of space and thought that it would be easy to gather up enough food and drinks for everyone. We were correct about the first two things, but the thing that we ended up overlooking was the air conditioning unit. Since this was the first home that we had purchased we had very little knowledge in how reliable the air conditioning unit was. We came to find out once the party kicked off that once there were several dozen people roaming around in our home cooking food and warming up the place the unit wasn’t able to do much to cool the surrounding area down. As the minutes passed by it started to get more and more miserable inside, but luckily my buddy was able to run to his home and bring back several portable HVAC heating and cooling units with him. Luckily we were able to save the party from being a total disaster thanks to our friends and learn a few things about our new home in the process.



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It's hard to enjoy a movie with no AC

Last weekend I went out for a date with a girl that I had met at the gym.

I am never the type of person to try and pick up people out in public, but for some reason I decided that for this girl I would make an exception and put myself out there.

Luckily for me she said yes to my offer and we settled on going to the movies. Prior to the date I thought that it was going to be an easy way for us to spend time together without having to do much, but once the date started things started to turn south. While I was on the way to pick up my date, the air conditioning system in my vehicle broke down. Most of the time this isn’t a big deal, but when you live in the humid south like I do it can become a major problem. My date didn’t seem too bothered by the lack of cool air when I picked her up, which was nice, and I was banking on the movie theatre to have their high powered industrial grade air conditioning unit to keep us cooled off during the movie. Once we arrived to the theatre and took our seats we noticed that it was just as hot as it was in my car. Sure enough, one of the employees popped their head into the theatre and said the AC unit was down for repairs. We tried to push through the heat and watch the movie, but we only lasted ten minutes before we had to leave. I ended up being able to salvage the night with a trip to the ice cream store where we cooled off a bit and had some good conversation. It’s fair to say that it could have gone much worse, but that first date surely wasn’t what I had hoped for.

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I hope the surprises come to an end soon

When it comes to making their college most people aren’t sure what to expect.

Sure they know that there will be hard times learning how to adjust to taking care of themselves and managing their own schedules, but for me the biggest surprise of them all was how bad my air conditioning unit was in my dorm room. I had grown up as an only child my whole life, so being thrown into a small dorm with three other guys with very little air conditioning was terrible. I did my very best to stay positive and enjoy all of the surprises, but since I could never find a way to cool off I was often upset. Just when I thought that things couldn’t get any worse for me, my car broke down during finals week. For me having a car has always been my way to go explore and get some peace of mind, so no longer having that option was terrible for me. Being able to drive my car down to the schools coffee shop was the only way to cool off and have some access to some high quality wifi and AC where I could get ready for these finals as well. Until I am able to get my car fixed up, all I am going to be able to do is stay at the dorm and learn to love being in the heat with very limited space. My mom and dad both told me that going to college was going to be filled with all sorts of surprises, I just hope that a few of them turn out to be good ones!

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Who knew it would be so cold

Now that I have been living abroad for a few weeks I am finally starting to get adjusted to the weather and the lifestyle around here. Having grown up in a part of the world where the weather stays right around 70 degrees ninety nine percent of the year, I was pretty shocked when arrived here and realized how cold it was. On top of how crazy the weather was, I was even more confused with how to operate a heated gas furnace. As you might expect, an air conditioning unit which I am accustomed to is much different than a heated gas furnace. It took me a very long time and countless videos of self help videos online before I started to get the hang of things. At one point I was so cold while I was out and about during the day and while I was at home that I was getting so homesick I wanted to leave and was even looking at some cheap plane tickets. Thankfully I was able to make a few good friends who knew a thing or two about surviving the winter and I received a crash course in HVAC upkeep, and I was loaned some more winter weather clothing like a new coat and mittens. If I hadn’t been so lucky with having people help me out like they did with the heated gas furnace repair I would have most likely packed all of my stuff up and made my way back south. Now that I have the essentials for winter down here though, I guess I can say that it’s not so bad!


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I’m glad we stuck with this unit

When it comes to saving money and being resourceful I don’t mess around. I come from a long line of people who lived their lives far from civilization and had to rely one hundred percent on themselves for food and other resources. Now that I am an adult I have followed in my parents’ footsteps, but last week I almost had to do something that I never thought I would have to do. A few days ago, while I was in bed I heard a strange sound coming from my living room. I don’t have many things in my house that can make noises like that other than my heated gas furnace, so as soon as I woke up I knew that there was trouble ahead. Sure enough, furnace wasn’t showing any signs of life and I got straight to work with my tools trying to get it up and running. It’s important to keep in mind that I live in the middle of the country in the section of the country where it is almost always freezing outside, so it’s not like I could go and check into a hotel while an HVAC repairman fixed it for me. It took several hours of working on this extremely old heated gas furnace, but thanks to the training I had received from my father and a bit of luck I was able to get it up and running before I froze to death. In most cases I would have purchased a new furnace by now, but what can I say, as long as it still runs I might as well keep it around!


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