HVAC technician just really got after it

It was supposed to be my weekend.

The kids and my wife were off visiting the in laws and I had the house to myself for four whole days.

That meant cranking the air conditioning whenever I liked and watching anything I wanted on TV. Both the HVAC cooling and the TV choices are special circumstances for me. Normally, I keep a tight rein on the thermostat setting in order to save on HVAC cooling costs. So I have to walk the walk with the family or I just have no credibility on that HVAC cooling issue at all. That means that I do go a little bit crazy once I’m alone. And when it comes to the TV programs, I don’t have a prayer of getting to see what I want when we’re together in the evening. So that weekend was supposed to be my weekend. It started out great that Friday as I enjoyed a bit of extra air conditioning as I got ready for work. But when I came home from a day inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office, there was no HVAC cooling in the house. It was stone dead and super hot. I didn’t panic though. Paying for an emergency HVAC service call wasn’t necessary. Still, I called the HVAC company to ask them to send someone out first thing in the morning. I was having buddies over to play poker all afternoon and late into the night. It was going to be a bro marathon. That HVAC professional got to work right away and he kept at it until the HVAC cooling was up and running again. This guy was outside in the heat the whole time never taking a break because he wanted be to have a cool, crisp house for my poker party.

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