The keywords for HVAC work around here include refrigeration

There really aren’t a lot of HVAC repair companies in this area. Only a handful of places handle refrigeration work. Refrigeration work might include walk-in coolers, chillers, boilers, and freezer machines. These machines require a special license and I have several licensed and certified staff members that can handle these jobs. When I wanted to advertise these services online, I consulted with a digital marketing company. The digital marketing company agreed that we should focus on refrigeration, because there are only a few other companies in the area offering certified and licensed refrigeration technicians. When we focused on this area of advertising, we used several different forms of digital marketing, including PPC and search engine optimization. On the website, we added keywords to the website not specifically targeted refrigeration services. We also added links on our website to refrigeration companies that sell products and replacement parts. When all of the changes were alive, we started getting a ton of phone calls from local residents that wanted help with a variety of services. Some of those customers were commercial clients. One particular customer turned out to be the owner of a grocery store chain. The guy was looking for a new HVAC company to handle all of the work in the buildings and he noticed that we also have refrigeration services. I personally met with that guy and he agreed to give us a one-year service contract for all three of his grocery store chains. I’ve already made enough money to more than pay for the advertising company fees.

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