The energy manage system must’ve been very costly

I took a work position working for a new dealer & now I am the administrator for a current hospital that just opened.

The hospital is located in a single of the nicest areas of the city & the dealer that built the hospital did not spare any expense when constructing the building. Each of the hospital buildings has a separate energy management system. The energy management system basically controls the heating, AC, lighting, & the security & fire alarm systems. The unique system actually measures the energy usage throughout each building. I saw the control room when I took a tour of the hospital. The energy management system happens to be so state of the art that an HVAC serviceman has to stand in the control room to monitor the system carefully all day & all night. The building is regularly cool & purely comfortable. The indoor temperatures are the same throughout each space of the building. There are no particular spots where the temperatures are higher or lower than other spots in the building. Each separate section throughout the building has an air filtration machine that is set up with a UV air purification system & an electrostatic air filter. The energy management system likely cost the hospital millions of dollars… Right now everything works just fine, however as time goes by & the building starts to become older, it’s going to be seriously time-consuming & lavish to repair things if they break down in the future. It is absolutely an issue that I have in the back of my mind. It’s going to be my work to locate someone to handle the repairs to this elaborate system.

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