I find the natural air quality from the ocean much better

When it comes to good air quality, the real thing is better.

I like it more than air from media air cleaners.

Yes, a whole condo air purification plan or even a portable air purification system can deliver good air quality in your condo when it’s bad outside. However, I always prefer natural air quality on the beach. I have a summer season condo that is close to the ocean down at the coast. The natural air quality there is fantastic. I can’t express how good the air quality is and how much I long for it when it’s not summer. Back home, I have a whole condo air purification system. The air quality in our local area leaves much to be desired. The whole condo air purification plan makes the indoor air pollen levels breathable and improves indoor comfort, but the natural air quality from the ocean on the beach near my summer season condo is much better. It beats the air quality I get from the whole condo air cleaner. I never even thought about it before until recently noting the difference in this substandard air quality from an air purification plan and the way natural wonderful air quality is. It’s like night and day. You would have to experience the 2 yourself to compare and see what I’m talking about. Until then, you’ll just have to take my word for it. Natural air beats any other kind.


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