My roommates sweep dust into the heating duct air returns

Although living alone can bring loneliness, I can’t figure out if I hate this more – or is living with roommates worse? You can’t be completely sure how someone is going to be as a roommate, even acquaintances you’ve “known for years.” The way someone acts a few times a week in front of friends is different from the way they act in the privacy of their own home.

  • And that’s another thing—you can’t look at the shared home or apartment as merely “your home.” It’s a shared entity, as much your roommate’s as it is yours.

If you are fortunate enough to have a roommate who treats you with mutual respect, then things should be harmonious. Unfortunately, I have roommates I don’t trust. They’re not the cleanest individuals, either. I hate being the only one willing to do drastic cleaning around the house. On rare times, I will find one of my roommates sweeping the hardwood floors. Unfortunately, they’re lazy, and usually sweep the dust and dirt into the heating duct air returns along the baseboards! This only further contaminates our heating system, I try to tell them, which dirties the filters faster. If we’re going to contribute to buying the gas furnace filters, shouldn’t we all want to keep those filters from getting needlessly filthy so quickly? That’s what I keep repeating to my roommates, but they don’t listen. They just keep sweeping the dust into the heating system – even if I mention it a thousand times.

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