Loss of income made up buckle down on saving money

In the spring of 2020 and our wife and I were quickly looking at a bit of a financial abyss staring back at us.

My job had sent me home from the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of our office and my wife lost her part time job, too.

So I was working from home and I also had a big pay cut. And my wife’s paycheck was very critical to our finances as well. Both of us had some serious regrouping to do. We had to pay the mortgage. So we really had to buckle down on our cost cutting. We did not allow ourselves any incidental spending at all. Both of us only spent money on the essentials. And both of us needed to save on those essentials as well. One main target of our savings was the Heating plus A/C cooling costs that summer. Where both of us live, the air conditioner can be on for months and months at a time. In the Summer, it really hits the pocketbook with a wallop. We’d made efforts before to rein in the Heating plus A/C cooling costs. We just were not really disciplined about it and so we weren’t very committed to making cooling costs a priority. Well, 2020 changed all of that. I got about making the apartment as tightened up as possible. The main culprit was around all the doors so I replaced all the weather stripping. We also made sure that the drapes were pulled during the heat of the day in order to prevent direct sunshine heating. From there, it was really just all about the thermostat. We kept it set in the high 70s that summer. We managed to get accustomed to just pulling out a fan if we got too hot. And our efforts saved us hundreds of dollars that would have been wasted.
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